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Kakushi Nekoba

Kakushi Nekoba, or as it is known in Trade (language), the Hidden Neko Den, is a bar that’s located in Kyoto on planet Yamatai, in one of the planet’s commercial districts. Reopened and redecorated by Asakura Yayoi.


The Hidden Neko Den was once a bar owned and operated by a couple that had fallen on hard times due to mismanagement, and the war which required them to serve. Unfortunately, the couple refused to back up their SP, and they died at the Battle Of Glimmergold, causing the bar to be abandoned and eventually become in disrepair. Eventually, a Nekovalkyrja named Asakura Yayoi discovered the place while undergoing further training as a Giretsu, and on her day off of training she spent time, getting the deed, and eventually started to make repairs.

Yayoi didn’t want to leave the service but knew that running a bar will be difficult to near impossible to do both. Therefore, she contacted Tachiko Takeda or someone affiliated with her on the word that they might be able to help her. She made the deal that they’d partner up with her and help her run, and continue as she went into service and took over on shore leave.

This she thought would be beneficial to both of them as they and by extension Yugumo Corporation1) could sell the drinks their Tokyo Brewing Company makes as an extra location.

In 45.3 the Kakushi Nekoba hosted a Girls Night trivia event, in which the bar’s owner and her daughter were joined by an undercover Ketsurui Aiko and Taiyou Hoshi, as well as Lynira Aucari, Vera Annesdottir, Kanzaki Akahana, Alastair Belmont, and Akasuki . Sadly Yuri wasn’t help much to her team. Then later on 45.7, Yayoi had decided to add Hot wings, to her Bar’s menu, and Poppy Pink, Pidole Henitot, Bidole, Kawa Euikoshi, Aiko (again disguised as a common Neko), and a giant Elysian male had attended.

About Kakushi Nekobā

The Kakushi Nekobā is a bar in the Yamataian Capital on the planet Planet Yamatai’s downtown Kyoto a bit away from the Chrome Catgirl, to not affect the sales of the other restaurant.  It was once an ordinary run-down bar before  the previously ranked Nito Heisho Yayoi Asakura took the deed and began making repairs before deciding to get some help. Now it’s a fixed-up working bar where Yayoi hopes Star Army Personnel can go to drink and have fun, though understandable, if they preferred the Chrome Catgirl.

Currently, associates of Yugumo Corporation are partnering up and helping her with the bar.

Star Army Discount

On Yayoi’s decision, there’s a 20 Percent Discount on all drinks for active service Star Army Personnel. Understandably, the rules dictated that personnel can’t or shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverages if they were about to enter operations, thus there will be a close eye on them. Should a Star Army Personnel be found to be over the acceptable levels, they will be taken to the sleeper pods and their CO will be contacted quietly so that the Honor of the Star Army would not be tarnished.

Bar Info

Here is what information is known about the bar.


Entrance Way Bouncer Area Lottery ticket area
Seating  PathGame Area
Bar Area Staff only area Refreshers
Sleep Pod) Bar Storage/Kitchens


The Bar’s environment somewhat catered to those who wanted to drink comfortably with lights with a color temperature of 3,350 K. There was music, but sometimes this isn’t heard as the Patrons sometimes sing a song, and also due to when important news was being shown. For the most part, the music was set so that it didn’t distract.

The Bar itself, and certain wall paneling were made of a red oak wood. This followed the flooring, which was designed to look closer to tatami mats.  Technology allowed for an environment that makes it so that the temperature inside would be comfortable for specific individuals and also specifically for their species.


The Bar has drinks of various kinds of high alcohol, and low fruit to high fruit and low alcohol, including drinks without alcohol. However, those on duty will be prevented from being served alcoholic beverages.

These drinks are primarily listed 2)

Basic Drinks

Hot Green TeaTeaOriginator
Ice tea (sweetened) Sweetened Tea Local
Lemonade fruit juice Local
Water Local Free


Soft Drinks

Tokyo Brewing Company produces soft drinks, but they're generally derived from byproducts or incomplete cycles of the brewing process:

Tokyo Brewing Company Soft Drinks YE 45
Picture Name Price
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Yue's Grape Soda 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Koukotsu Paradise Orange Soda. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ketsurui Cherry Cola. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Kagami's Cola4) . 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Root Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ginger Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ginger Ale. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Birch Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Sarsaparilla. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Valkyrja's Valor Malta. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Misha the Explorer Kvass. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Jiyuu Sunrise Tepache. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
Moon’s Nectar Juice 5KS Cans


A wide variety of wines are offered at The Kakushi Nekoba.

Exclusive Wines from Ainu Orchards
Fruit Wines Non-Grape/Fruit Wines Wines made from fruit such as Momoshu (peach), Mikanshu (tangerine), Umeshu(plum), Anzushu (apricot), and even cherry blossoms (sakura). 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Yuuki5), YE 43 - Charaa6), YE 44 - Wesley7)
Grape Wines Grape Wines Wines made from various varieties of grapes. 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Tachiko, YE 43 - Yue, YE 44 - Kazumi
Other Wines
Hanako’s Original Red Wine WineNon-Alcoholic100ksChateau Hanako
Hanako’s Original White Wine WineNon-Alcoholic100ksChateau Hanako
Yamataian Wine WineNon-AlcoholicLocal Local made
Freya Chabli WineNon-Alcoholic25/70ksBlack Wolf Winery
Wolf Blood Frost Specialty WineNon-Alcoholic100/280ksBlack Wolf Winery
Wolf White Frost Specialty WineNon-Alcoholic100/280ksBlack Wolf Winery
Fenrir Wine8)Non-Alcoholic25/70ks9)Black Wolf Winery
Niord Wine10)Non-Alcoholic35/8511)Black Wolf Winery


Beers produced by the Tokyo Brewing Company are listed below.

Tokyo Brewing Company Beers YE 45
Picture Name Type Price
Colony Fleet Pale Ale Pale Ale 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Leviathan Dark Lager Dark(Dunkel-Style) Lager 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Hummingbird Pilsner Pilsner 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Imperial Senate IPA IPA 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)


The various foods were originally from Ainu Orchards Exclusive Products, But those in the Colonial Initiative will have their food serviced by Daikoku

Picture Name Description Price Vintage/YE Produced
Grapes Grapes Various table and wine varieties of fresh plump grapes. 2KS/Kg. Current YE
Plums Plums Various varieties of juicy plums. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Peaches Peaches Various varieties of peaches, including haru peaches. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Apricots Apricots Various varieties of yummy apricots. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Tangerines Tangerine Various varieties of tangy tangerines. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Cherries Cherries Various varieties of sweet cherries. 2.00KS/Kg. Current YE
Apples Apples Various varieties of juicy apples. 1.00KS/Kg. Current YE

Snack Offerings

In addition to the fruit choices The Lounge also offers chips crackers, and cookies of various kinds for the patrons pleasure.Patrons can have a bowl of grapes and a banana as their snack as well.


As the Bar is in the capital, they could use any old transports they may have access to, in order to get here.

Near by Places

Places close to the Hidden Neko Den are

Bar Interior

Here is what’s inside the Bar.

Seating Areas

The seating area of red oak wood were lined with memory foam plush pillows that allowed for comfort, with care, especially given to allow not only those with legs but Separa'Shan related lower halves a chance at comfort. For those who chose to attend the bar without clothing as is legal in Yamatai, they’d find the seating will not stay wet for the off chance of sweating or other related issues. The seats will remain warm and dry for all comfort.

The Seating types depend on location within the area, Booths were off to the side for private, intimate moments with typical tables and chairs between them and the bar, which had stools to sit on.12)

Game Area

The Game Area of the Bar was a small area on a lower single step level of the Bar. Here Patrons can play dart games, or win trivia games if they had the skill.


The Bar area follows the same motif as the rest, with the counter being made of a red oak wood. Behind the bar was red oak wood shelving which contained various drinks from alcoholic beverages to fruit drinks. There were cameras in the ceiling as well as at a lower range to capture all who came to sit there. These were hidden to not bother the patrons, but to allow for the security of the place. 13)

Sleep Pod Areas

The Sleep Pod area was the idea of Yayoi’s that the thought of those patrons who didn’t control themselves, and weren’t Nekovalkyrja14). She knew that there were pod-type hotels nearby, and thus they’d go there, but she wanted to be of assistance to prevent the hotels from getting overwhelmed thus she would put a few of those extremely drunk patrons here in the Sleep pods. Each Pod interior is lined with the same style of comfort as the seating outside and the technology uses Virtual Home Sleep to provide the means of sleep for the patrons.

Staff Area

The staff area is the behind-the-scenes part of the club which houses the owner’s offices, and the assistants. There is a break room for staff that requires a break, as well as storage rooms for drinks and a kitchen for staff’s food.15)

Owner/Manager’s Office

The Office for the Owner/Manager’s is a spacious area. There was a volumetric that allows them to see what they want, whether it was the weather or the exterior of the club, or even the interior.  There were two oak wood desks with a large comfortable chair made with memory foam plush cushions. 

Assistant Manager’s Office

The Assistant’s office was smaller than their direct superiors. They have a desk made of ordinary materials. They might decorate it to their liking, but it’s Spartan.


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RP Opportunities

Another potential place for open rp could be done here. The Kakushi Nekoba is a place for characters to go and drink many kinds of drinks and certain foods. This is also for those who aren't on the Mazu.

Local Rumors

The Bar was once rundown and abandoned around the time of the Battle of Glimmergold, untill Yayoi rediscovered it and remembered old friends before she got help to rebuild and reopen the bar, along with a new name.

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