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Pidole Henitot

Pidole Henitot is an NPC created by GM Wes who appears in the Resurgence of Yamatai plot and in Open RPs. She has a beetle named Bidole and spends a lot of time staring at people.

Pidole was voted Best NPC of 2023 by Star Army members!

Pidole Henitot
Species & Gender Minkan Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: YSS Resurgence

Character Description

Pidole looks has flawless light peach skin, blue eyes, and red hair she keeps chin-length in the front but in a long pony tail in the back. She is a little nervous. She is 159cm (between 5'2“ and 5'3”) in height, 60 kg (132 lbs) and slender with modest breasts and an athletic musculature. Pidole plays sports (like volleyball) and works out regularly and enjoys working up a heavy sweat. She also likes spicy food such as chili or nachos covered in peppers.

She is a skilled, analytical technician with an unusually apt way of seeing mechanisms in her mind that makes it easier for her to disassemble and reassemble machines. She is able to visualize machine components in her mind in a way that effectively gives her multiple perspectives and helps her locate the source of faults very quickly.

Pidole has a tendency to stare at things and people and quietly watch them in fascination as they happen instead of reacting to them in an animated fashion. She easily goes along when others take the lead, preferring to observe events rather than direct them.

Kawa Euikoshi holding Pidole Henitot's hand?400

Bug Companion

Pidole has a fist-sized blue beetle named Bidole that she keeps as a pet. Pidole says, “She just showed up one day around the time I joined the Star Army. I gave her food and we became friends. She follows me everywhere. I am not even sure what species she is,” the red-headed technician explained. “I think she likes me because I'm the first person who gave her a chance and didn't treat her like a pest. She's very smart, too. Really smart! She can even help me make repairs. I trained her when I was in my Star Army career training. I suspect she maybe be genetically engineered. Because she's small I can smuggle her almost anywhere.”

Pidole is extremely attached to her bug companion since it's one of the most reliable things in her life. When told to leave the bug by her boss, she felt heartbroken, emotional, and trapped. Knowing she couldn't disobey orders without risking her career, she considered a transfer to another starship. Thankfully the situation was resolved.

History & Relationships

Pidole was born on YE 21.8.18 on Yamatai (Planet).

YE 42

Pidole joined the Star Army and completed her training in YE 42. During technical training she worked directly with Ketsurui Fleet Yards at their starship repair facilities on Ketsurui Star Fortress, where she received extensive training on starship maintenance and repair. She was considered a star student who went above and beyond the normal coursework and had a knack for quickly understanding complex systems and rapidly diagnosing issues with them. One day she found a strange blue beetle in a damaged starship she was working on, and it somehow bonded with her. Now the two are inseparable.

In YE 42.9, she visited a bar near the train station in Ternifac1). She ended up spending the night in a honeymoon suite with Delmira Brunhilde Lulie, Kawa Euikoshi, Kawa Kinie, and Anthiathia "Thia" Keslie.

YE 43

In YE 43.1, Pidole fought in the Battle Of Glimmergold conducting emergency repairs aboard a Kyoto-class Carrier nicknamed the YSS Presurgence2). On YE 43.1.20, Pidole visited the Empress' Palace where she got to meet the Empress of Yamatai, Empress Himiko I 3) and Hanako. She was also promoted to Nitô Hei that month4).

In YE 43.2, Pidole visited Ketsurui no Iori as part of a survey mission. While exploring the closed site of PNUgen Corporation there, she was injured during a brief confrontation with soldiers of the restored Uesureyan Star Empire.

In YE 43.3, Pidole participated on a mission to rescue MIA personnel from behind enemy lines on Hanako's World5).

In YE 43.5, Pidole visited White Harbor Station and was part of a rescue mission to save a Senti occupant of a disabled starship near the Anisa System6).

In YE 43.6 she received a promotion to the rank of Ittô Hei.

In YE 43.7, Pidole participated in a mission to provide supplies to anti-Kuvexian pirates in the Halna, Valaad (An Rhy), and Darso. When Thaddeaus Maximus caused an incident and hid in a fighter cockpit, Pidole was able to open it by typing in the unlock code, allowing him to be captured. She also rebuilt the ship's shuttle bay doors to be larger and better fit a Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter. She performed damage control during starship combat with a Kuvexian ship in the Darso system. After the battle she worked very hard to repair all the damage.7)

YE 44

In YE 44.1, Pidole was promoted to Jôtô Hei.

In YE 44.2, visited Pisces Station prior to the start of the International Relations Conference Of YE 44, bought some black lingerie at Dizzy's Secret, and was part of a mission to rescue a Nepleslian research vessel SS Spark8).

In YE 44.3, Pidole participated in a Pub Night on Pisces Station. While there she encountered Hanako. When large alien alien insects attacked, Poppy sprang into action and called Miriam Norita and got the armorer to start bringing in power armor and evacuating people. When Dr. Poppy Pink worked to save the life of Senator Iemochi Seinosuke, Pidole provided assistance by removing metal barbs from the injured Senator9).

In YE 44.5, Pidole gave Cassie a special present for the catgirl's birthday and stayed on the ship while the away team sought information from Soon Bardoon in Sood Zadra.

In YE 44.6 the ship arrived at the Machine Moon of Samurr and Pidole was instrumental in the final section of the mission because she was able to undo trapped doors and open locked doors in combat under extreme pressure, allowing the team to advance toward their objectives and take over the machine world for Nagashun before a hostile rogue AI could10).

In YE 44.7, Pidole assisted during the Arrival of the Norians as the Resurgence crew evacuated hundreds of orphaned Norian children from the dying Ark Alpha. Pidole established a bridge between ships and helped open hatches11).

Pidole received a promotion to Nitô Heisho in YE 44.8 for exceptional service on the Resurgence and participated in the Candy Festival Of YE 44 in Kyoto12). She also requested salvage13).

In YE 44.9, Pidole joined the Year-End Traditions in Kyoto14), riding a party bus.

YE 45

In 45.1, Pidole visited Central Fleet Depot, Darso, planet Gashmere, Kepler's Find (operating a drill there to take core samples), and Shirakawa no Iori (in the Ahmar star system)15).

On YE 45.2.4, Pidole attended the Love Day events in Kaiko Park where she listened to a short speech by newly-elected Imperial Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako16).

Pidole (with Bidole) and her roommates from the Resurgence (Kawa Euikoshi, Dr. Poppy Pink) went out to eat in YE 45.7, trying the Kakushi Nekoba for the first time 17). They ate some very spicy hot wings with Rectal Infuriator Hot Sauce on them and spotted Ketsurui Aiko.

In YE 45.9, Pidole got a special promotion from the Star Army Commander to the rank of Chui. After Pidole acting as Chief Engineer for 3 years, Yui saw that she had proven herself and made it official.

Social Connections


OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Wes on 2020/12/26 14:19. If Wes is gone for a year this character can be adopted. Artwork by Wes using artwork generated by Wes using and background purchased by Wes from Dollar Photo Club.

Wes explained the origin's of Pidole's bug: “I still make a lot of art in Paint Shop Pro 7.04 which is a software from 2001. The “Picture Tube” is immediately below the eraser in the interface. I accidentally picked the wrong tool and instead of erasing the background remnants around the edge of the character I put a bug on [her]. I figured it made the character more unique and memorable so it was worth keeping. I think it'll become a tradition. Any character I accidentally put a bug on will have insect affinity and I'll leave a bug in the final artwork.”

Awards Won

2022 SARPY Award

Amazingly, Bidole was voted Best NPC of 202220)21)!

Character Data
Character NamePidole Henitot
Character OwnerWes
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationYSS Resurgence
PlotsResurgence Of Yamatai
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentYSS Resurgence
Assigned QuartersOfficer Cabin 3
BattlestationMain Engineering
SAOY Entry YearYE 42
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month9
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictYamatai Star System
Political PartyBellflower

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