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Ainu Orchards

Ainu Orchards is an estate located north of the 88th District - Akina-Cho of Tokyo. It is owned by the Motoyoshi Clan and was purchased by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 42.

Ainu Orchards
Ainu Orchard Estate
Year Constructed YE 30
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Region Motoyoshi Colonial Sector
Planet Jiyuu III
Type of Location Private Residence and Working Orchard
Owner Motoyoshi Clan

Ainu OrchardsAinu OrchardsAinu Orchards

History and Background

Ainu Orchards was founded in YE 30 and was operated by the Ainu Family until its buildings were destroyed by the Mishhuvurthyar in YE 32. It is unclear what happened to the Ainu Family, so the estate remained abandoned until YE 41. On a casual outing, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka brought the property to the attention of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko saw the benefit of a small family-owned orchard, winery and the lack of development around the estate meant it could be easily expanded as time went on, she then purchased the property.

The initial cleanup and rebuilding was done by the Yugumo Corporation and the Juugoya Cooperative. The Juugoya Cooperative helped restore the orchards and worked the land up until YE 42 when they were asked to leave on account of the questionable connections of their previous owner. Komorebi Foods, the successor to the Juugoya Cooperative took over later that same year.

In YE 44, the property was expanded and renovated at the request of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.


As of YE 44, the estate sits on two square kilometers of land, about a kilometer squared of that is cleared and productive. There are several managed orchards, crop fields, and a recently expanded vineyard which are worked by a modest group of workers from Komorebi Foods. Housing for both the hired hands and the Motoyoshi Clan is provided on the property.

Although the estate is private property, several fruit stands and other market-style stalls have been placed next to the major road access to Ainu Orchards. Public events such as tours or small festivals happen occasionally and are generally invite-only.


Yosano Yoshiyo is assigned to handle calls to Ainu Orchards and the nearby Jiyuu Jo.

Notable Working Features

Orchard WorkersKomorebi Foods manages the working portion of the estate; managing vineyards and orchards for the Motoyoshi Clan. They also manage the small market stalls and stands along the main road, and the limited distribution to Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium and Takeda House, which are the only retail point for goods that otherwise are reserved for the Motoyoshi Clan and those they gift to. The employee population tends to remain fairly constant as employees enjoy benefits such as higher-than-market wages, on-site free housing, and meals. Employees have been vetted through programs run by the Yugumo Workers Federation and the Yugumo Keisatsu.

The Motoyoshi Keibi have a small detachment just off the estate as they manage security for the Motoyoshi Clan.


A traditional Yamataian winery that operates year around thanks to the climate of Jiyuu III. Using traditional equipment and methods such as manual Basket Presses and Barrel aging, the wines produced here are given detailed attention and are of exceptional quality. The winery produces wine from many different types of grapes, including the new keomi grapes in which Ainu Orchard flag shipped in YE 44.

Ainu Vineyards Ainu Winery

The winery produces more than just wine from grapes, but also produces more traditional Yamataian wines such as: Momoshu (peach), Mikanshu (tangerine), Umeshu(plum), Anzushu (apricot), and even cherry blossoms (sakura). All fruit is grown on the orchard and is manually picked, packed, and processed.

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko frequently can be spotted at the winery, as she has a particular affinity for the Umeshu produced here.


A traditional Yamataian brewery that operates year around under the supervision of Tokyo Brewing Company's master brewer Ishikawa Matsusuke. Unlike the standard Tokyo Brewing Company breweries, the one on Ainu Orchard produces beer in small batches, using manual equipment dated back to the early brews of Nepleslia.

The brewery uses quality ingredients grown in the Tsu Agricultural Zone, but also tries to incorporate some flavors and themes from the Orchard estate. Ishikawa Matsusuke is planning an expansions sometime in YE 45 to grow an exclusive type of Hops on-site.

All beers produced here are compliant with the Tokyo Purity Law.


The warehouse is where everything grown on the property is packed and stored. Everything is hand-packed and inspected to maintain a high level of quality products that are used by the Motoyoshi Clan, Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium and Takeda House. The warehouse is generally busy during harvest periods and is a frequent gathering spot for staff meetings and other Komorebi Foods events.

Stands and Stalls

Market Stall There are several farm stands and stalls situated along the main access road to the Orchard Estate. The stands make available products usually kept very exclusive from the public. Often times citizens from Tokyo make the trip just to get their hands on some of the exclusive fruits and other products from the estate. Komorebi Foods employees are known to be very knowledgeable about the products and show great customer service towards guests who make the journey.

Occasional tours of the Winery and Brewery can be arranged at the stalls.

Exclusive Products

Ainu Orchards produces some very exclusive products. They are available at their market stalls, Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium and Takeda House or for the use of the Motoyoshi Clan.

Ainu Orchard Estate Products
Picture Name Description Price Vintage/YE Produced
Grapes Grapes Various table and wine varieties of fresh plump grapes. 2KS/Kg. Current YE
Plums Plums Various varieties of juicy plums. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Peaches Peaches Various varieties of peaches, including haru peaches. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Apricots Apricots Various varieties of yummy apricots. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Tangerines Tangerine Various varieties of tangy tangerines. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Cherries Cherries Various varieties of sweet cherries. 2.00KS/Kg. Current YE
Apples Apples Various varieties of juicy apples. 1.00KS/Kg. Current YE
Pumpkins Pumpkins Beautiful orange or black pumpkins. 0.70KS/Kg. Current YE
Fruit Wines Non-Grape/Fruit Wines Wines made from fruit such as Momoshu (peach), Mikanshu (tangerine), Umeshu(plum), Anzushu (apricot), and even cherry blossoms (sakura). 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Yuuki1), YE 43 - Charaa2), YE 44 - Wesley3)
Grape Wines Grape Wines Wines made from various varieties of grapes. 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Tachiko, YE 43 - Yue, YE 44 - Kazumi
Keomi Wine Keomi Grape Wine A new variety of grape with hints of grapefruit and raspberries. 100KS YE 44 - Takeda 4)
Ainu Beer Beer Varying microbrew creations from Master Brewer Ishikawa Matsusuke 5KS Rotating Availability

Notable Residences

In YE 42, the original residences were Star Army Cabins. In YE 44, those cabins were turned into employee residences. New traditional-styled Yamataian designed homes were then constructed. A main estate home was also constructed that same year.

Main Residence

The main residence was built in YE 44, it was designed in a traditional Yamataian style featuring Shoji walls and toft bamboo floors and features. It serves as a rural residence for Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (ๆธ…ๆฐดๆœฌๅ‰ๆ˜Ž่œ) and their other partners, Motoyoshi Eri and Kage Yaichiro. Visitors outside of the Motoyoshi Clan are rarely visitors to this estate home, and it is protected by the Motoyoshi Keibi.

Main Residence

Clan Housing

Motoyoshi Clan Homes Small cottages in traditional Yamataian style have been provided for all members of the Motoyoshi Clan for their use while they are on the estate. They are welcoming humble well-maintained rural cabin-like homes that are generally used only by the members of the clan or to entertain some of their more closely-knit friends. Each cottage is designed to custom for the Motoyoshi Clan member who it is given to.

In general, the orchard estate is seen as a place to get away from the trials of duty and politics. Outside the matters of fruit, wine, and beer, it is encouraged to keep business off the property.

Custom Cottages:

  • Soon to Come.

Employee Housing

The original Star Army Cabins have been converted into staff residences. Some of the higher-ranking employees such as supervisors or managers for Komorebi Foods have their own cabin, while others have bunk facilities to house multiple employees.

The Employee Market

Orchard WorkersThe Employee Market is a market stall on the orchard estate that is for employees and residents only. It is a place where they can purchase goods produced on the estate as well as other required goods at a discounted price. It has a catalog link via KAIMON to allow employees to purchase products produced by Yugumo Corporation and its other Yamataian business partners.

A small food service area is part of the stall which allows workers to purchase food during their breaks. The selection varies with the seasons and often features produce grown on the estate.

Members of the Motoyoshi Clan frequently show up at the stall to grab a snack or something else.

The Dining Hall

An on-property dining hall is provided for employee meals.

Ainu Dining HallAinu Dining Hall Interior

The Dining Hall is a popular spot for workers to eat and socialize. All the food and drink are included in their contract with Komorebi Foods, three meals a day. The food featured varies on a daily basis but tends to fit the local cuisine. Occasionally chefs from Takeda House are brought in by the Motoyoshi Clan or Komorebi Foods for special occasions or events to celebrate employee accomplishments.

Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro and his sons Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Tetsuya and Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Kenpachi have a liking for the simple homecooked food and often visit while they are on the estate.


The Ainu Orchard Estate can be accessed by road from Tokyo. Komorebi Foods runs a bus shuttle service from the city to the estate as needed.


Orchard WorkersThe members of the Motoyoshi Clan are occasionally residence here, employees of the Yugumo Corporation and Komorebi Foods live and work here as well. The employee population depends on the time of year and scale of the harvest varying from 200 to 300 employees.

The orchard estate is a peaceful place and provides a great getaway for the few who have access to its beautiful landscapes and amenities. For those who work here, it is home and is one of the best rural experiences on Jiyuu III. It is easy to forget that Tokyo is less than a twenty-minute drive away.


The Characters that are located here:5)

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RP Opportunities

Things to do at Ainu Orchards:

  • Visit a member of the Motoyoshi Clan.
  • Work a harvest with Komorebi Foods.
  • Take a tour of the brewery or winery.
  • Visit a market stall and purchase some goods.


Might be true, might not:

  • An evil wolf lurks in the orchards at night.
  • The orchard might be haunted.

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