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Soggy Hole

The lounges are alternate Standard Star Army Crew Lounge sections of YSS Mazu.

About the Page

This area of the ship is a place for the crew to socialize with other personnel of the Mazu. Recreational activities such as three-dimensional chess, card games, and other volumetric-based games are played here. As part of socializing the crew can consume food and drinks and have a extensive drink and food menu for them to choose from.

The Waitstaff is typically Star Army Caretaker androids, led by what some affectionately call the Lounge Mistress.

Lounge Mistress

An affectionate title rather than true rank for Mazu Mazumi. They control the entirety of the activity within the lounge and are capable of handling any roughhousing. The Lounge mistress has a modified SPINE, which allows them to control the lounge's gravity and atmosphere.

Alternate Title

  • ‘high priestess’ Mazumi1)


The Lounge which was established in YE 44 as a way for Mazu Mazumi to serve the crew differently. In addition to her ship’s caretaker duties, she wanted to improve crew morale by having a special place for them to relax and play games in addition to the places on the ship where that was possible. She also wanted a place where other functions could happen.

Mazu Mazumi eventually found the perfect spot, but unfortunately, it was the Star Army Standard Captain's Suite, with another cabin beside it. Fortunately, then-captain Motoyoshi Kaoru had used a different cabin that she’d preferred, and so Mazumi was permitted to do a complete overhaul of the section. She used a torch to rip the wall in between the cabins expanding the space, and had engineers help her remove furniture and modify the cabin bathrooms making them into a water closet for patron use.

The onboard Star Army Technician set up lights and décor, and Motoyoshi Kaoru and Mazu Minato acquired additional KAIMON/Ascendant Colleague waitstaff to aid Mazumi in running the lounge. In YE 44, Mazu Mazumi upgraded to a NH-33 (Tennyo) body and SPINE interfaces were installed to allow her better control over the lounge.

The Lounge has an extensive Menu that patrons can order from in terms of food and drinks for convenience.


The Bar has drinks of various kinds of high alcohol, and low fruit to high fruit and low alcohol, including drinks without alcohol. However, those on duty will be prevented from being served alcoholic beverages.

These drinks are primarily listed 2)

Basic Drinks

Hot Green TeaTeaOriginator
Ice tea (sweetened) Sweetened Tea Local
Lemonade fruit juice Local
Water Local Free
Unya Springs Water Unya Springs Mineral Water (Non-Carbonated) 0.80KS(Can), 2.25KS(Bottle)
Unya Springs Sparkling Water Unya Springs Sparkling Mineral Water 0.80KS(Can), 2.25KS(Bottle)


Soft Drinks

Tokyo Brewing Company produces soft drinks, but they're generally derived from byproducts or incomplete cycles of the brewing process:

Tokyo Brewing Company Soft Drinks YE 45
Picture Name Price
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Yue's Grape Soda 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Koukotsu Paradise Orange Soda. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ketsurui Cherry Cola. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Kagami's Cola4) . 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Root Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ginger Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Ginger Ale. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Birch Beer. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Tōkyō Cellar Sarsaparilla. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Valkyrja's Valor Malta. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Misha the Explorer Kvass. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
🥤 Jiyuu Sunrise Tepache. 0.5KS(Can or Tap Pint) 1KS (Bottle)
Moon’s Nectar Juice 5KS Cans


A wide variety of wines are offered at The Soggy Hole.

Exclusive Wines from Ainu Orchards
Fruit Wines Non-Grape/Fruit Wines Wines made from fruit such as Momoshu (peach), Mikanshu (tangerine), Umeshu(plum), Anzushu (apricot), and even cherry blossoms (sakura). 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Yuuki5), YE 43 - Charaa6), YE 44 - Wesley7)
Grape Wines Grape Wines Wines made from various varieties of grapes. 20KS to 70KS YE 42 - Tachiko, YE 43 - Yue, YE 44 - Kazumi
Other Wines
Hanako’s Original Red Wine WineNon-Alcoholic100ksChateau Hanako
Hanako’s Original White Wine WineNon-Alcoholic100ksChateau Hanako
Yamataian Wine WineNon-AlcoholicLocal Local made
Freya Chabli WineNon-Alcoholic25/70ksBlack Wolf Winery
Wolf Blood Frost Specialty WineNon-Alcoholic100/280ksBlack Wolf Winery
Wolf White Frost Specialty WineNon-Alcoholic100/280ksBlack Wolf Winery
Fenrir Wine8)Non-Alcoholic25/70ks9)Black Wolf Winery
Niord Wine10)Non-Alcoholic35/8511)Black Wolf Winery


The Soggy Hole features beers produced by the Tokyo Brewing Company.

Tokyo Brewing Company Beers YE 45
Picture Name Type Price
Colony Fleet Pale Ale Pale Ale 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Leviathan Dark Lager Dark(Dunkel-Style) Lager 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Hummingbird Pilsner Pilsner 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)
Imperial Senate IPA IPA 1 KS (Can or Tap Pint), 2KS (Bottle)


The Soggy Hole receives Ainu Orchards Exclusive Products as its food menu, but with the inclusion of the YSS Mazu in the Colonial Initiative, further food products will be produced by the Daikoku.

Picture Name Description Price Vintage/YE Produced
Grapes Grapes Various table and wine varieties of fresh plump grapes. 2KS/Kg. Current YE
Plums Plums Various varieties of juicy plums. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Peaches Peaches Various varieties of peaches, including haru peaches. 2.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Apricots Apricots Various varieties of yummy apricots. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Tangerines Tangerine Various varieties of tangy tangerines. 1.50KS/Kg. Current YE
Cherries Cherries Various varieties of sweet cherries. 2.00KS/Kg. Current YE
Apples Apples Various varieties of juicy apples. 1.00KS/Kg. Current YE

Snack Offerings

In addition to the fruit choices The Lounge also offers chips crackers, and cookies of various kinds for the patrons pleasure. Plus, Mazumi is capable of creating sweet buns 12) Other fruits such as bananas as well as various kinds of nuts. 13). They can have their grapes or Bananas in a bowl should they desire it.

Alternate Uses

The Lounge can also be used for many official shipboard functions, such as weddings, diplomatic gatherings, the change of command ceremony, birthday and other parties for individual ship personnel14).


The Lounge is located at the extreme forward end of certain starships and has windows, which were typically screens that acted as windows, offering a spectacular view of space ahead of the vessel. This, along with the ship’s shields create a unique design appearance that adds to the décor of the environment within. Lights are shown in the ceilings above and in fixtures off to the side walls, which were kept at a color temperature of 3,350 K. This made it comfortable but also illuminated. The lights were brighter closer to the bar area. The room was accessed by two doors, on the port and starboard sides at the rear of the room.

Sitting Area

Throughout the lounge were spots where the ship’s Personnel can sit down and socialize. The tables were wood laminated, laminated in that it was covered by Durandium and at the top was transparent Durandium to allow the wood to be seen. This was also to allow for some décor and not have everything in one material.

The seats were wood lined with plush, memory foam pillows that allowed for comfort, with care, especially given to allow not only those with legs, but others such as Separa'Shan a chance at comfort. Booths were off to the side for private, intimate moments with typical tables and chairs between them and the bar, which had stools to sit on.15)

The Bar

On entering the bar section of the lounge, there comes a slight change in color scheme compared to the rest of the lounge. Behind the bar was red oak wood shelving which contained various drinks from alcoholic beverages to fruit drinks. For security reasons hidden cameras were installed in ceiling alcoves, as well as at a lower position behind the bar to capture the sights of all who came to the lounge to socialize. While the ship’s security is able to view the activity, Mazumi also has access when her line of sight is blocked for whatever reasons.

Lounge Master’s Office

This Office was located behind the bar area of the lounge and was for the behind-the-scenes situation. Here logistics like food and drink could be dealt with, and she has a line to directly contact the captain in case of any issue.

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the gentle and loving temple led by ‘high priestess’ Mazumi
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9) , 11)
Single Half Bottle750 ml (1.606 pints) /Three Bottle Pack750 ml (1.606 pints)
small buns that fit in the palm of a person’s hand.
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