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Aries Star Fortress

Aries Star Fortress, also called Aries Station, was a Zodiac-class Star Fortress built in YE 29 in orbit of the Planet Nataria. It was destroyed in YE 31.



Aries was the former headquarters of the Nataria Fleet Depot from YE 29 to YE 31. It was also the home port of the YSS Senbu during that time.

In YE 30, Ketsurui Yui conducted a promotion ceremony on Aries Station, including the promotion of Izuki Kameko to Taii.

The Ke-F8 Transport Ship design was produced at Aries from the old Fuushighi no Umi-class Escorts that were in the ship stockpile at the Nataria Fleet Depot.

During the First Battle Of Nataria at the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 31, the star fortress was heavily damaged and self-destructed before the NMX forces could invade and capture it1).

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