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Fuushigi no Umi-class Escort

The oldest design built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards (in YE 18), this small modular ship primarily served as a transport for special forces.

A recent initiative by Hakunetsu Sirin, Aries Star Fortress, and the Nataria Fleet Depot has put the Fuushigi no Umi back into service as the Ke-F8 Transport Ship.

New Standard Speeds

For Ki-F2 and Ki-F5

  • Sublight speed: .2c (~59,958 kilometers per second)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 10
  • Shields: 10 (Threshold 1)

Ships of Class

There were a total of 100 ships of this model.

IRN Name Fate Notes
YF-00 YSS Fuushigi no Umi Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes) First of the class
YF-01 YSS Megumi Destroyed
YF-02 GSS Kuroshi Destroyed
YF-03 YSS Black Widow Sold to Lorath, returned to Yamatai in YE 38
YF-04 YSS Poison Dart Frog ?
YF-05 YSS Brown Recluse Sold to Yuki Toshiro
YF-06 YSS Triumph Sold to NovaCorp
YF-07 YSS Hidden Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi
YF-08 YSS Unseen Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-09 YSS Illusion Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-10 YSS Mirage Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi
YF-11 YSS Invisibility Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-12 YSS Shadowdancer Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi
YF-13 YSS Assassin Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-14 YSS Copperhead Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-15 YSS Water Moccasin Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-16 YSS Wraith Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-17 YSS Ghost Destroyed (Battle of Kennewes)
YF-18 YSS Spirit Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-19 YSS Poltergeist Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-20 YSS Ripper Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-21 YSS Subterfuge Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-22 YSS Specialist Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-23 YSS Darkness Destroyed
YF-24 YSS Undiscovered Destroyed
YF-25 YSS Unknown Destroyed
YF-26 YSS Spook Destroyed
YF-27 YSS Infiltrator Destroyed
YF-28 YSS Covert Destroyed
YF-29 YSS Shrew Destroyed
YF-30 YSS Shivers Destroyed
YF-31 YSS Ghost II Destroyed
YF-32 YSS Illusion II Destroyed
YF-33 YSS Unseen II Destroyed
YF-34 YSS Wee Wolf Destroyed
YF-35 YSS Assassin II Destroyed
YF-36 YSS Kris Destroyed
YF-37 YSS Dagger Destroyed
YF-38 YSS Knife Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-39 ? ?
YF-40 YSS Blade Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-41 YSS Joker Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-42 YSS Arrival Destroyed
YF-43 YSS Long Patrol Destroyed
YF-44 YSS Aka Sold to Lorath, returned to Yamatai in YE 38 Operation Bloody Shield
YF-45 YSS Hideto Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-46 YSS Hayashi Saromi Hiro Operation Bloody Shield
YF-47 YSS Inoue Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-48 YSS Horatio Harrison Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-49 YSS Ransom Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-50 YSS Jin Destroyed
YF-51 YSS Getsu Destroyed
YF-52 YSS Mei Destroyed
YF-53 YSS Ka Destroyed
YF-54 YSS Sui Destroyed
YF-55 YSS Kin Destroyed
YF-56 YSS Do Destroyed
YF-57 YSS Hon Destroyed
YF-58 YSS Fu Destroyed
YF-59 YSS U Destroyed
YF-60 YSS Sen Destroyed
YF-61 YSS San Destroyed
YF-62 YSS Kogatana Given to NovaCorp, later stolen
YF-63 YSS Setsu Destroyed
YF-64 YSS Ji Destroyed
YF-65 YSS Sei Destroyed
YF-66 YSS Mimi Destroyed
YF-67 YSS Shin Destroyed
YF-68 YSS To Destroyed
YF-69 YSS Koshi Destroyed
YF-70 YSS Wan Destroyed
YF-71 YSS Zai Destroyed
YF-72 YSS Batsu Destroyed
YF-73 YSS Seki Destroyed
YF-74 YSS Tainai Destroyed
YF-75 YSS Chikara Given to NovaCorp
YF-76 YSS Kokoro Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-77 YSS Kikite Sold to Yuki Toshiro Operation Bloody Shield
YF-78 GSS Rafu Destroyed by pirates (crashed into gas giant) Operation Bloody Shield; Escape pods recovered by YSS Yui
YF-79 YSS Sashikorosu Sold to Yuki Toshiro Operation Bloody Shield
YF-80 YSS Kaihi Destroyed Operation Bloody Shield
YF-81 YSS Penetrator Destroyed Operation Bloody Shield
YF-82 YSS Chino Yushi Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi, now in Star Army Museum
YF-83 YSS Touch Destroyed Operation Bloody Shield
YF-84 YSS Orwell Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-85 YSS Mitnick Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-86 YSS Siembieda Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-87 YSS Scythe Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-88 YSS Bumpimov Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-89 YSS Tarantino Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-90 YSS Zulu Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-91 YSS Hero Disassembled Operation Bloody Shield
YF-92 YSS White Sands Sold to the Elysian Celestial Navy Operation Bloody Shield
YF-93 YSS Shinada Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-94 YSS Hamasaki Sold to Hikyaku no Mikomi Operation Bloody Shield
YF-95 YSS Black Sands Sold to Lorath Operation Bloody Shield
YF-96 YSS Green Tea Given to NovaCorp Operation Bloody Shield
YF-97 YSS Milk Tea Given to NovaCorp Operation Bloody Shield
YF-98 YSS Cappuccino ? Operation Bloody Shield
YF-99 YSS Hacker Sold to Lorath, returned to Yamatai in YE 38 Operation Bloody Shield

OOC Notes

If you are looking for the standard data, please refer to the Ke-F8 Transport Ship variant.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
First UsedYE 18
Last ReviewYE 30
Year RetiredYE 30
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameFuushigi no Umi-class Escort
NomenclatureKi-F2, Ki-F5
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 18

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