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The ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi, Storm of the Ketsurui, is a Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser with Noval Luxury Engineering Bespoke Package owned by the Ketsurui Clan and operated by Takeda Fleet, and registered in the Yamatai Star Empire as PYX-P02-0002.

About the Ketsurui-no-Arashi

The ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi was launched in late YE 44. It was built to be the flagship of the Ketsurui Clan1). It is a fully bespoke, by Noval Luxury Engineering, exceeding the extravagant, sumptuous opulence of even the Chairman Upfit Package. It is fully equipped with the ELECTRA-enabled Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite and Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite.

ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi
Name ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi Storm of the Ketsurui
Namesake Arashi (嵐) is the Yamataigo word for “Storm”
Owner Ketsurui Clan
Operator Takeda Fleet
Port of Registry Amatsu-Motoyoshi
Home Port Port Jiyuu
Builder Yugumo Fleetworks
Class Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser
Comissioned YE 43
Registry PYX-P02-0002
Status active
Damage Rating (v3) Tier 13 (Light Capital Ship)


Ketsurui Clan Badge Patch

The ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi's ship patch is the badge of the Ketsurui Clan. As this ship is the flagship for the clan, no other symbolism is needed besides the symbol of the Ketsurui Clan itself.

Takeda Fleet Emblem Ketsurui-no-Arashi Crew wear Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms as of YE 43, part of their Yugumo Corporation Standard Issue, along with the black beret bearing the ship's mission patch on the flash that is shipboard duty issue. Uniforms, security armor, and power armor, as well as small craft pilot flight suits are in typical Ketsurui Clan colors of shades of red and white, with gold trim. All uniforms and armor bear the Takeda Fleet logo on the right shoulder, and the ship's mission patch on the left. Ketsurui-no-Arashi crew are armed with their service sidearm at all times when on duty and not in an area civilians are not allowed to carry weapons.


The ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi and its companion frigates were constructed and launched in late YE 44 as a gift for the Ketsurui Clan from the Motoyoshi Clan2).

It was delivered by Shimizu-Motoyoshi Miu, who was wearing a polar-bear costume for the ceremony 3).

Shuttles and Vehicles

Shuttles and other vehicles on the ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi are listed below.


The four frigate docks on the docking ring are usually occupied by the Misha-Class Explorer companion ships4), each a fully bespoke masterpiece by Noval Luxury Engineering:

  • The Yui (唯丸 Yui-maru)
  • The Yuumi (優実丸 Yuumi-maru)
  • The Himiko (卑弥呼丸 Himiko-maru)
  • The Chiharu (千春丸 Chiharu-maru)

Small Craft

With four shuttle/fighter bays and two transport/mecha bays the ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi has ample room for small craft:

Vehicle Storage

The ISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi has a complement of planetary vehicles, as well as any personal vehicles any of the Ketsurui Clan store here:

Ship's Inventory

The Ketsurui-no-Arashi and its crew are well stocked and supplied with equipment and consumables:

OOC Notes

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Map Locations
Map Display NameISS Ketsurui-no-Arashi
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentKetsurui-Clan Flagship
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorCenter Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 44
Place Categoriesstarship
Year CommissionedYE 44

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