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Setareh Wing

β€œLimited By No Star” - Setareh Wing Motto

OOC Thread

Status: Closed to new players

Setareh Wing is a mission-based RP GM'd by Ametheliana started October 9th 2016. A highly trained and skilled team of Frame Runners and their keen commander make up the Setareh Wing. They have been given orders by the Astral Vanguard to seek out and destroy New Veyrin Republic military installations as part of the War of Reclamation. The wing is a capable one and the plot focuses on characters' abilities and strengths as well as the way they work both together and singlehandedly to vanquish their opponents.


Metal on Metal

Quayside Synthesis

A View to Kill1)

In Roleplay

Mission One: Metal on Metal

A New Veyrin Republic space station was spotted and reported and the Setareh Wing was called to action to bring them into the fold of the Commonwealth. The Wing, ready and willing for battle, left the cruiser and set out for the station. After having defeated 20 Soono Frames with their superior skills and equipment outside of the station, the Setareh Wing boarded the New Veyrin Republic station and split into two groups. The one headed for the CIC Room was stopped by an enemy of the Commonwealth, General Daurjana. He sustained minor injuries from the encounter with the small group from the Setareh Wing and found himself an escape pod. The small group that had injured Daurjana secured the ship's NI while he escaped. Meanwhile, those at the bridge secured it while the Commander of the vessel was disposed of. Those in the immersion pods were bound and the enemies to the Commonwealth on the bridge and elsewhere laid down their weapons after the Setareh Wing broadcasted a message to surrender.

Mission One Debriefing: Metal on Metal Debriefing

Mission Two: Quayside Synthesis

After being sent on routine patrol, the wing comes across a landing pad. After waiting in hiding, a carrier arrives with dozens of unknown powered frames hidden inside. After decimating the frames, the wing was up against a new threat, outfitted Ac-Y1-1a Quodr Liftracer. The crew had to pick them off while the Fleet Intelligence OMNI, Ishtar, ordered in a long-range strike team that destroyed the carrier. After making quick work of most of the liftracers, Officer Naak Behea and Ishtar ordered a stand-down. General Daurjana was among those captured.

Mission Two Debriefing: Quayside Synthesis Debriefing

The wing congregates to discuss the mission, but before much can happen, word comes back that Daurjana gave away the secret New Veyrin plans to attack a Dahbi Class Colony.

Three: A View To A Kill

After Daurjana gave away the plans of the New Veyrin Republic, the wing settled in to a quiet quasi-down time aboard the Dahbi colony. They set up to have a barbecue near one of the artificial lakes and enjoyed one another's company. That lasted for a little while, but then the wing were called out to protect the colony as ships fast approached. A missile platform and multiple squadrons of ships were attacking the colony. Many fought, and Altair's VANDR was damaged when he took multiple missiles to save the colony from them impacting it. Unbeknownst to the wing, though, a New Veyrin Republic ship disguised as a civilian ship was brought in to the colony. It became the wing's responsibility to find the Veyrin agents and detain them.


Working out of VSV Arha, the Setareh Wing was begun to look into intelligence reports denoting activity outside of the system that could have large impacts on the Iromakuanhe if left unchecked.


These expectations are on slight hold due to the GM needing to post next. When posting resumes OOC will be updated.

Posting Expectations

  • Players in Setareh Wing are expected to make single posts at least once every 3-5 OOC days.
  • Players who are unable to follow these requirements should make notices in the scheduling thread.
  • Players who do not make notices of absence or posting difficulty and do not post in SP will be removed from the plot after three weeks and Ametheliana will NPC your character.

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OOC Notes

Ametheliana created this article on 2016/10/09 15:28.

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