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Astral Vanguard Ranks


Officers in the Astral Vanguard served as administrators and command crew in various divisions. Once arrived at a Protector rank, an officer can expect responsibilities extending to multiple ships and hundreds of crewmen.

Astral Vanguard Officer Ranks
Pin Name Meaning Role
Sengraiv Grand Marshal Protector CiC of the Astral Vanguard
Langraiv High Marshal Protector Fleet Commander
Margraiv Marshal Protector Division Commander
Vaygraiv Protector Adjutant Division Commander
Lanranr High Guardian Senior Field Officer
Marranr Senior Guardian Adjutant Field Officer
Vayranr Guardian Junior Field Officer

Warrant Officer

Fewer in number than enlisted and commissioned officers, warrant officers form the backbone of the Astral Vanguard fleets. Most Warrant Officers are either veterans of the numerous peacekeeping campaigns on the fringes of IAC space, or the Third Outer System Conflict, an armed intervention on the outer system space colonies that occurred eight years ago.

Astral Vanguard Warrant Officer Ranks
Pin Name Meaning Role
Sentulri Grand Defender Elite Warrant Officer
Lantulri High Defender Senior Warrant Officer
Martulri Senior Defender Adjutant Warrant Officer
Vaytulri Defender Junior Warrant Officer


From rank and file soldiers, to combat specialists and support crew, enlisted make up the bulk of the Astral Vanguard's armed forces. Troops of these ranking involved in expeditions can expect to see the most action and be among the most involved of their divisions.

Astral Vanguard Enlisted Ranks
Pin Name Meaning Role
Senbalri Senior Ranger Elite Enlisted/Sergeant
Lanbalri First Ranger Senior Enlisted
Marbalri Second Ranger Senior Enlisted
Vaybalri Third Ranger Senior Enlisted
Senshirin Corporal Adjutant Enlisted/Specialist
Lanshirin First Private Enlisted
Marshirin Second Private Enlisted
Vayshirin Third Private Enlisted

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