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Dream World

Dream World is a roleplaying plot created February 13, 2017 by GM Ametheliana that highlights politics, character interaction, and oceanic explorationβ€” the latter to a very small degree, if any at all.

Status: Open

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Plot Overview

A newly made city in Azorean space named Kyopelinvuori is a place for Iromakuanhe and other races to coalesce in politics, trade, and socializing.

Rules and Pacing

  • Pacing and posting expectations: Twice a week. Failure to do so may result in your character being NPC'd and/or removal from the plot.

Cast of Characters

Aaki Loleth Played by Ametheliana

Mahsa Karim Played by Syaoran

Hugh "Huey" Graves Played by Gunhand4171

Fleshassembler Mitochondrion Four Three 43-5782-1109 Played by Primitive Polygon

Morioka Naoko Played by Gallant

  • Planetary Governor

vishta Played by Ira

  • Empress
  • The Union

Sachiko Played by Ametheliana

Inactive Characters

Keeper Honey Seven Four 74-9745-2564 Played by Cordinarr

Commander Tam Played by Ira

  • Diplomat/ Commander
  • The Union


Open Positions

If you can dream it, it can be played.





Having been built to be a place for the Iromakuanhe people to interact with others outside of their own race, the city of Kyopelinvuori is one where many political and trade dealings will be made. The city is a young one and has much to be explored within it, both socially and otherwise.

RP History

OOC Notes

GM Info

Contact Ametheliana.

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