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Creating an Azorean


Names among Azoreans are unique. That is, no one has the same name as another Azorean. Masculine names start with an “R” or “W”; while feminine names begin with an “A” or “N”. The rest of the name will vary in length and complexity. Example names would be “Reterk” for a male and “Ameriss” for a female.

General Information


The Azoreans are aquatic humanoids who have found a passion for mechanical engineering as well as a slighty curiousity for flight. The Azorean population is constantly growing due to too few predators, wars, and natural calamities. Thus, they have a constant need to expand.


Both male and female Azoreans are quite common. Females, however seem to be more outgoing and adventurous then their male counterparts. Due to this fact, females statistically seem to perish more often then males.


Family structures as we know it is unheard of in Azorean society. When the spawnlings have hatched from the membrous egg sack, they are constantly nursed and cared for by the attendants until their third birthday. During these three years, they learn to speak, read, and write in basic form. Thus, Azoreans commonly refer to the spawning ground attendants as their family. (Example Family: Teles Spawning Grounds)


Azoreans can be employed by the Azorean Commonwealth for various tasks. They are not limited to just the Commonwealth, however, and can be employed for pretty much any position in any other faction that has made contact with them. Please check with Yoshi for further details on this matter.


The Azorean ranking system is listed in the Azorean Commonwealth page.

Current Assignment

The Azoreans have a few ships of their own. Check the Azorean Fleet List for more details. Ask both Yoshi first and then another GM if you wish to play an Azorean in that GM's plot.

Physical Characteristics


Males generally range from 5'6“ to 5'8” tall.

Females generally range from 5'5“ to 5'7” tall.


Males generally range from 130 to 170lbs.

Females generally range from 100 to 140lbs.


(only if female)

Bra Size

They commonly have a B-sized bust. (only if female)

Build and Skin Color

Azorean skin is a complete color at birth, depending on where they live, but gray starts to mix into that pure color as the Azorean ages. The older the Azorean, the more gray can be found in the skin. An all gray Azorean is considered a respected elder within the citystate. For skin colors from birth to old age, Azoreans vary from place to place. The most common skin tone for Azoreans is a shade of cerulean (blue), but other common skin tones include varying shades of green, violet, and sandy brown. Uncommon skin tones are pale pink and brownish-orange. There is also a pure white skin tone, but it is extremely rare… being only found in the Isatel Citystate. They may also have other skin attributes, such as speckles or even stripes of a different color. The color for these skin attributes include all other listed colors as well as black for the stripes. Most Azoreans have slim builds.

Facial Features and Eye Color

Azorean faces are thin and almost child-like. Without any facial hair at all, they always seem to have the appearance of teenagers. The major veins are located across their faces. These veins begin in the aft lobe of their brain, extend to the frontal lobe, surface at the hairline of their forehead, and move down past the eyes, though the cheeks, and connecting to the primary veins in the neck. The patterns of these veins usually vary slightly among Azoreans, but each citystate has its own distinct pattern. This is due to the slight genetical difference between the denizens of each citystate.

Their noses are small and practically buttons on their faces. They have small fins on each side of their head that act as ears. These ears sense vibrations in the water, but they unfortunately cannot receive vibrations through the air very well. Thus, most Azoreans are sometimes hard of hearing when usually communicating with other species. Common eye colors are blue, green, violet, and grey. Uncommon colors are brown and black. Yellow and orange are very rare, though.

Hair color and Style

Azorean 'hair' consists of an algae-like substance that doesn't grow any longer then shoulder length. While under the water, it captures oxygen found in the environment. Outside of the water, it absorbs heat and vitamin D compounds from the sun, while also releasing a pheromone that is primarily used for finding mates. Common hair colors are blue (that matches their skin), green, and white. Purple is slightly uncommon, but not totally unheard of.

Distinguishing Features

All major veins and arteries are close enough to the surface of the skin to be visible. They are a brownish-blue color. Since they are close to the surface, these veins are easy to puncture. Thus, Azoreans must be extra-careful around certain sharp objects. The Azoreans also have tails. Refer to the wiki for more details.

Psychological Characteristics


Azoreans are peaceful, but will defend themselves if they need to. There is no limit on what type of personality an Azorean can have, but they tend to be a bit adventurous… especially the females.


Largely varies on specific personalities.


Largely dependant on specific personalities.


Largely consistent with specific personalities


Azoreans have a variety of childhoods and experiences. New characters won't have much for a history due to the lack of notable events since the creation of the Commonwealth (approximately 5 years before the first YE). However, they should have at least a little background of what they have done up to this point in history. Azorean young receive their basic educations from the attendants at the spawning grounds. After leaving the grounds, they receive a more advanced education from teachers, mentors, and other influencial beings. By the end of this training, the individual Azorean should have received a name, decided on an intended career, and start pursuing that field of work.

Azoreans do not have families as we know it. They are raised by the nurses at a citystate's spawning grounds. For example: If they were born in the Henatu Citystate, the Family section of the character's profile should be the “Henatu Spawning Grounds”. Their history does not need to detail about when they were spawnlings, but it should have a little depth on their life while their mentor trains them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play an Azorean?

Yes, of course you can. The Azoreans are open for anyone to roleplay. Just catch me on the SARP IRC channel, or in my PM box if you have any other questions or worries.

Are there any subspecies for the Azoreans?

No. The Rill are droid servants that the Azoreans made and are not playable. The forgotten are not really meant to be played at this time.

What factions are the Azoreans loyal to?

The Azoreans are usually loyal to their home faction, known as the Commonwealth. However, Azoreans in other factions is not completely unheard of. The Azoreans' existence are known by Yamatai, UOC, Nepleslia, and a few others.

Are there any required skill I need when creating an Azorean?

Yes. A basic Engineering (Mechanics) skill is required for all Azoreans. Not gaining at least that much while growing up in a society that builds droids and other mechanical wonders is almost impossible. A Physical skill for swimming is probable, too, but since it is an everyday task (like walking), it isn't required. Competitive swimming, on the other hand, is a completely different matter.

How many citystates are on Azorea?

There are a total of 19 citystates. The three largest, richest, and most powerful are Edel, Teles, and Henatu. The others are OOCly nameless because they will probably have no IC use other then being resource collectors. Thus, most characters will be from the three named citystates. If you wish to recommend a name for one of the other 16 citystates, then please do so by contacting Yoshi.

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