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Telepathy and Magic Rules

Here's how telepathy works in the SARP: When someone sends a thought (only telepaths can), other telepaths can hear that transmission. It's like broadcasting on a radio; it's an omni-directional thing. But, no one can tell what another character is thinking through telepathy, only what that character is saying with it.

Species like Nekovalkyrja, who possess a computer-like mind, also have the option of encrypting their telepathic transmissions so they're just fuzz to outsiders.

Some characters (with the appropriate skills) may:

  • sense other characters' feelings (empathy).
  • use their minds to transmit thoughts or in some cases data (as one would with wireless internet).
  • use their thoughts to attack the minds of other characters (brute force psionics).
  • attempt to force another character's mind to reveal information (mind reading). Note: victim will notice this.

Game masters may:

  • give characters precognitive thoughts, dreams, or visions as a plot device.
  • allow a character to be clairvoyant, anomalously knowing things that they logically should not (very rare).

What is not allowed:

  • Characters cannot use their minds to physically manipulate reality. No telekinesis or fire-starting, etc.
  • Passive mind reading (hearing what others are thinking). People's minds are not constantly transmitting thoughts.
  • Communicating with the dead (because of course there is no afterlife).
  • Magic (unexplained and/or illogical manipulation of reality).

Tula Plant Speech

The Tula, a species of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, as well as some Tula hybrids, practice a distinct form of telepathy called Vit'taka (Plant Speech). See its page for further details.

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