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Star Army Sofa, Type 39

The Type 39 Sofa is a style of sofa (couch) manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu and used by the Star Army of Yamatai beginning in YE 39. It is used in Star Army and other government facilities throughout the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Type 39 Sofa comfortably accommodates up to four seated humanoids or one humanoid laying down.

It is valued at 500 KS (new) and is available from Star Army Logistics.


The Star Army selected and adopted an existing civilian sofa (couch) design for use in YE 39. Ketsurui Zaibatsu was contracted to mass-produce the sofa.


The Type 39 Sofa has a modern design with angular features, a solid back, and three cushions. It has a reinforced wooden frame and feet, comfortable fabric or bonded leather exterior, and high-resilience foam and polyester fibers. The sofa is available is a variety of standard colors, including red, white, Star Army Regal Blue, and buff as well as some custom colors like teal, which can be ordered to match a starship or building's color scheme.

The sofa's feet can be removed for transport.


On starships the feet are bolted to the floor to keep the couch in place.

The Type 39 Sofa is is typically issued with a throw pillow with a Star Army Hinomaru design.

Do not sit in direct contact with the sofa while completely naked.

The couch can be cleaned with a vacuum or damp washcloth. For stains, use approved Star Army fabric cleaning fluid (see Star Army Chemicals).

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2019/03/17 07:17 by Wes.

Original sofa art by Glitch 1). It was released into the public domain and found via and modified by Wes. Nakeysha Smalls art by Margu-chi.

Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 39
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesfurniture
Product NameSofa, Type 39
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 39
Price (KS)500.00 KS

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