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"Judge" Variable Revolver

The Judge is a variable revolver designed and manufactured by Black Wing Enterprises, created in YE 42 for use by the New Dusk Conclave and commercial sale.

About the Judge

The Judge was created to give NDC troops a little more power in their sidearm for those who wanted it. Whether on patrol or in the trenches, they made sure to create a revolver that would have a hard time ever being scarce on ammo, so they designed it to switch between calibers of some of the most common used by NDC personnel. It does this through a complex, yet robust system of nano-reconfiguration which switches the bore size in around 10 seconds.

Nomenclature Information

Below here is the manufacturer data on the Judge.

  • Manufacturer: Black Wing Enterprises
  • Name: BW-P3
  • Nomenclature: BW-MWS-3a
  • International Nomenclature BW-W14-1a
  • Type: Chemical(gunpowder)
  • Role: Duty Revolver
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound at lightest configuration, to 1.5 pounds at the heaviest configuration.


The Judge is a sleek yet edged in design revolver, with a barrel that stays in a rectangular shape until configured to it's largest caliber setting, being shaped more like a cylinder between two reinforced rails. The rest remains fairly constant, from the minimal receiver with integrated sensor software, to the ergonomic grip which houses the important micro computer and metal emulsion used in the transformation of the barrel.

6mm Barrel Configuration
.455 Barrel Configuration
25mm AP Barrel Configuration

Discharge Information

This is the data on how the Judge handles and performs in un-power armored hands.

  • Muzzle Flash: A brief, yet bright flash of bluish gases in a tear drop plume.
  • Retort: The weapon sounds like any repeating pistol at the smallest caliber, but gives a thundering clap on it's medium caliber setting. However, the largest caliber, gives the percussive sounds of large caliber mounted gun.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: A blue dart of burning plasma as it flies towards it's target.
  • Effective Range: 400 meters
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as the user can pull the trigger. Mechanical maximum ROF is 90 RPM.
  • Recoil:
    • 6mm: A weak jerk backwards, with a slight upwards tilt of the barrel.
    • .455: A more moderate jerk backwards, with the barrel tending to flip up about 45 degrees.
    • 25mm AP: A hard backwards, and upwards jerk of the gun.


Here is the data on the munitions fired by the Judge, and their approximate damage ratings.

  • Ammunition: S6-SCPR
    • 6mm
    • .455
    • 25mm AP
  • Purpose: T3 Heavy Anti-Personnel
  • Round Capacity:
    • Light Mode: 9
    • Medium Mode: 5
    • Large Mode: 1
S6-SCPR Damage Quickchart
Mode/Ammo Purpose
Light Barrel/6mm T1 Light Anti-Personnel
Medium Barrel/.455 T2 Medium Anti-Personnel
Large Barrel/25mm AP T3 Heavy Anti-Personnel

Weapon Mechanisms

Here is all the information on how the BW-P3 โ€œJudgeโ€ operates, and functions.

  • Firing Mechanism: Basic revolver mechanism, causing the cylinder to turn with each trigger pull, before the internal hammer strikes the round chambered at the end of the pull.
  • Loading: The revolver is loaded with interchangeable cylinders, similarly to magazines. This contains a weak power cell in the center, along with the ammo, to power barrel reconfiguration if needed.
  • Mode Selector: There is a rear safety catch lever for setting the gun to safe, or fire.
  • Firing Modes: The Judge has an advanced reconfiguration function where nanoes in a metallic emulsion cartridge stored in the grip, move through a channel to the barrel. Here they change the barrel and rebuild it to the appropriate caliber loaded of ammo loaded into the cylinder. A sensor in the receiver reads the coded caliber listing of the loaded cylinder and the micro computer, also in the grip, directs the nanoes to what caliber to change the barrel to.
    • Light: This is the caliber setting for 6mm rounds.
    • medium: This is the caliber setting for .455 hand cannon rounds.
    • Larger: This is the caliber setting for 25mm AP single shot shells.
  • Safety Mechanism: Biometric safety, which makes it so the gun is only operational for who the weapon is registered for.
  • Weapon Sight: The weapon is, by default, aimed by lining up the three fin style iron sights atop the receiver. Otherwise, it is merely putting the target in the crosshairs of a sighting apparatus, if one is mounted.
  • Attachment Hard Points: There is an attach point atop the receiver for sights and other optical modules.



Below here is all the commercial data needed for purchase of the firearm, as well as all associated parts and ammunition.

  • BW-P3 โ€œJudgeโ€: 300KS/600DA/1,200DS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Metal/Nano Emulsion Cartridge: 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Receiver: 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Cylinder1): 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Electronis Suite: 45KS/90DA/180DS
  • Default Barrel Frame: 45KS/90DA/180DS
  • Frame Barrel Attachment Point: 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Internal hammer: 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Trigger Mechanism: 30KS/60DA/120DS
  • Receiver Sensor: 30KS/60DA/120DS

Optional Attachments


S6-SCPR Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
6mm 25KS/50DA/100DS
.455 50KS/100DA/200DS
25mm AP 100KS/200DA/400DS

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: pistols
Product NameJudge Variable Revolver
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 42
Price (KS)300.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 3
Mass (kg)0.453 kg
any caliber

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