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Lying Mirror

Emrys Industries

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries This is a fascinating piece of furniture developed by Emrys industries. Actually it is not a mirror, but a very high detail screen, which usually displays the image of the person in front of the mirror, and the scenery around, as recorded by a series of cameras around the side, and indeed in the mirror. However there is also a processor in the computer, a powerful one, that can display images.

The most common one is to make the person in the mirror to look more attractive, however it also has many other purposes, such as being used as a secret communication device (it also has an inbuilt radio transmitter and can be wired into other communication networks). The computer processor is actually semi-ai, capable of simulating sentience, and answering questions, and the natural giving of compliments and fashion advice. It has access to a great deal of information in its memory.

The mirror tends to be full length mirror, with an ornate frame, but it can come in a variety of styles. The mirror is designed to be used by wealthy or important individuals, the high class, since there is little use for them in other situations.

Price: 3,000 KS

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Product Categorieselectronics, furniture
Product NameLying Mirror
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)3โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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