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EM-O1 "Tadayou" Series Drones

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The Emrys Industries EM-O1 “Tadayou” Series atmospheric drones provide aerial surveillance capability, they became available in YE 34.

About the Tadayou

The Tadayou-Series drone is primarily an surveillance drone. Tadayou means to to drift about, or to hang in air in Yamataian. The EM-O1 is at home in an urban setting or out in the wilderness. It is equipped with an array of visual sensors that allow it to operating regardless of the amount of ambient light. It basically comes in three modes: Survey, Patrol, and Police. Basic functions are the same; programming is different and some option equipment is included.

EM-O1 Tadayou


The Tadayou is a flying disc with a rounded central region. It has two rotating electric turbo fan engines attached to winglets in the front, and two stabilizers in the rear to assist with flying performance. There are four maintenance panels visible on the top. On the bottom there are retracting landing skids, and points where items can be attached.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: EM-O1 Type: Aerial Surveillance Class: Drone Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D


Height: .20 m (.656 ft) Width: 1.2 m (3.936 ft) Length: 1.0 m (3.28 ft)



Nomenclature: EM-O1-1a Price: 1,250 KS



  • Cruise: 289 km/h, 180 mph
  • Maximum: 482 km/h, 300 mph

Altitude: 5,000 m or 16,400 ft Duration: 18 hours


Hull: 4 Personnel Scale

This is the basic model of the EM-O1. It typically comes stock. It has compartments where the owern can install their own devices. This model is typically used outside of urban areas.

Used by: Scientific Studies Service (SSS), Ise Clan


Nomenclature: EM-O1-2a Price: 1,800 KS



  • Cruise: 216.75 km/h, 135 mph
  • Maximum: 361.5 km/h, 225 mph

Altitude: 5,000 m or 16,400 ft Duration: 18 hours


Hull: 1 Armor Scale

This is the Security version used by agencies to protect a location by the air. Typically equipped with incapacitating weaponry. It can be programmed to patrol a specific location. It can monitor the perimeter, or cover the area in a number of patterns. It comes equipped with two hand held weapons mounted.


Nomenclature: EM-O1-3a Price: 3,500 KS



  • Cruise: 144.5 km/h, 90 mph
  • Maximum: 241 km/h, 150 mph

Altitude: 5,000 m or 16,400 ft Duration: 18 hours


Hull: 3 Armor Scale

This model is sold exclusively to law enforcement agencies. It can be used to monitor vehicular traffic, patrol the streets or shopping centers. It can assist officers by tracking suspects on foot or in vehicles.



  • Cruise: 289 km/h, 180 mph
  • Maximum: 482 km/h, 300 mph

Altitude: 5,000 m or 16,400 ft Duration: 18 hours


Tadayou Drone side view

EM-O1-H340x Armor

The EM-O1 has different armor for the various models, the heavier armors are why the other models have lower speeds.

EM-O1-H3400 1A Armor

This armor is built on an aluminum frame and covered in thin Durandium Alloy skin.

EM-O1-H3401 2A Armor

This armor is built on an aluminum frame and covered in a double layer of Durandium Alloy skin.

EM-O1-H3402 3A Armor

This armor is built on an Durandium Alloy frame and covered in a triple layer Durandium Alloy skin.

EM-O1-E3400 - Guidance System

The Tadayou is equipped with a Ge-Z1-E3300 - Guidance System for all command and control operations. It can receive and respond to verbal and digital commands. It is programmed for all functions of the drone.

EM-O1-E3401 Sensors

The EM-O1 has the following sensor capabilities:

Sensor Coverage Purpose
Radar 360° Weather radar, ground mapping and object avoidance
Sonar 360° Object detection in ground mode
Radar Altimeter Below Determining height above ground
Visual (Normal) 1) 360° and below Object identification and tracking
Visual (Ultraviolet) 2) 360° and below Object identification and tracking
Visual (Passive IR) 3) 360° and below Object identification and tracking
Shotgun microphone 180° Surveillance EM-O1-3a only
Laser listening device 180° Surveillance EM-O1-3a only
Digital Barometric Altimeter N/A Determine altitude relative to sea level

Bottom view

EM-O1-E3402 - Communications

This system allows the drone to communicate with the controlling facility or person. It is capable of accessing satellite communications with systems similar to the EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite. It is capable of receiving voice or data transmissions and transmitting the same. Also capable of accessing Global Positioning Systems.

EM-O1-P3400 Anti-Grav

The Tadayou has a ring of anti-gravity units that provide lift, and keep the drone stable when operating. They can also provide minor propulsive force, primarily to keep the drone in place.

EM-O1-P3401 Electric Turbofan Engines

The drone is equipped with a pair of electric turbofan engines, that can rotate 180 degrees front to back. These provide the majority of the drones propulsive force. Since they can operate independently; this gives the Tadayou excellent maneuvering. Running the engines at 100% for more than twenty minutes will damage the engine coils; requiring servicing or replacement.

EM-O1-G3400 Power Cells

The Tadayou is equipped with four rechargeable high efficiency power cells. Three are capable of powering the drone for eighteen hours of continuous flight without solar charging. The fourth cell is emergency power to all the drone to return.

EM-O1-G3401 Solar Cell Array

The Tadayou has a backup power system, a high efficiency solar voltaic array on the top of the drone. In clear daytime skies this array can keep the power cells fully charged. They can recharge the power cells in four hours while in flight, or one hour if parked.

Top view

EM-O1-M3400 Landing Skids

When the Tadayou is inactive, it rests on four retracting skids. These are intended to protect the visual sensor module.

Tadayou Drone side view

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Product NameTadayou
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 34
Price (KS)1 ,250.00 KS
Mass (kg)1 kg
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