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Kagayaki - Star Dust Perfume

Manufacturer: Kagayaki Cosmetics Logo

All of the Star Dust perfumes except for Gold, are available for purchase via online. Gold must be purchased at a Kagayaki Cosmetics kiosk.

Note: Only for Human, Nepleslian, Nekovalkyrja, Yamataians.


This perfume is designed to react to the wearer's unique biochemistry. When worn it creates a subtle variation to the base fragrance. Thus providing the wearer with their own personalized fragrance. The change takes place within seconds of being applied.

Size 3 oz. Price 35 KS


Want to share your personal Star Dust Silver fragrance with a friend or loved one. Then Star Dust Gold is the product for you. A bottle of Gold starts out as a bottle of Silver, but at the time of purchase, a chemical analysis of the purchaser is done, and the contents of the bottle is modified. Its a way to share your Silver fragrance.

Size 4 oz. Price 45 KS


This perfume has the same basic attributes as Silver, it reacts to the wearer's unique biochemistry. The difference is that this formula contains a mild attraction pheromone. The pheromone just adds a extra little attention getting to the scent.

Size 3 oz. Price 45 KS

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Product Categoriescosmetics
Product NameStar Dust Perfume
ManufacturerKagayaki Cosmetics
Price (KS)35.00 KS

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