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EM-K2 Armored Transport

Emrys Industries A TC Company

  • Manufacturer: Emrys Industries
  • Nomenclature: Em-K2-1a
  • Type: Transport
  • Class: Armored Vehicle
  • Designer: Emrys Industries R&D section.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 16 ADR

About the EM-K2

A new product from Emrys Industries, the Armored Transport is a mix between a taxi, a bus and a tank. In appearance it is a large tank like object, with sliding doors on the sides, and two maser pods on top. People enter through the doors (usually running), and get taken where they want to go. When they pay up, theyโ€™re let out; if they donโ€™t have enough money they are brought back to a station, where they're kept in custody and forced into labor until the debt is paid (a friend or family member can pay instead). The fees are quite high, but worth it. It is of course designed for service in violent neighborhoods, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is the first planet where 20 of these will be put into action. If a success the numbers will increase substantially.

The Transport is protected by 6 inch thick bubbled titanium-steel ally, giving it great strength. The doors are imported from NovaCorp, and are formed of three different sliding and interlocking doors of perfect iron. The entire transport is protected by a form-fitting shield generator capable of absorbing. In the main body of the transport there are rows of two person seats, with seat belts (essential in many cases). The front of the transport is the place where the driver and assistant are. It is protected by a three inch thick bubbled titanium-steel alloy wall, and the door is impossible to open from the outside without the correct access codes (or considerable force). Inside the cockpit there is a video screen showing video telemetry from the outside of the transport. If the high durability cameras are destroyed, there is a satellite in orbit that can give it directions, even if it is driving blind. On the top of the transport, the two maser pods take the form of black domes, and are capable of firing a concentrated maser beam at any target that comes within firing radius. The power of the hits can vary between stunning and enough to kill easily.

The transport drives upon caterpillar tracks, protected by a thick steel-titanium plate protecting the tracks from attack. To protect the bottom of the transport from mines and so-such, a separate shield generator protects it, and the floor is made from 9 inch thick steel-titanium. The tracks can actually propel the transport with surprising speed, around 80 kph and with very impressive force. Combined with a ram at the front and back of the transport, it can drive through buildings with surprising ease, the people inside not feeling much.

The monetary transaction can take place in either electronic or physical form. There is a very durable screen and interface which is used for electronic money, and a specialized slot for physical money. After the money is put in, a metal plate shoots down, a camera/scanner counts the amount of money, and if it is enough they are let go, if not they are required to pay the rest. It doesnโ€™t give change except in extraordinary circumstances. Any vandalism to the interior of the transport is added to the fare.

OOC Notes

Written by Zakalwe. Approved by Unknown1)

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