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Emrys Industries Sniper Rifle

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The Emrys Industries Sniper Rifle is an electromagnetic rail gun designed specifically for long distance precision shooting.

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Type: Sniper Rifle Nomenclature: Em-W1-2a Designer: Emrys Industries Research and Development teams

EI Sniper Rifle

This Sniper rifle uses a rail type electromagnetic projection system to launch a extremely sharp bullet at its target with extreme power. In addition the range is superb, the projectile loosing little speed from the downward pull of gravity, or crosswind, it can fire far further than even conventional sniper rifles. It actually has two power settings, one that simply uses the entire force of the rifle, and therefore delivers an extraordinarily powerful hit, although by breaching the sound barrier several times over there is a very noticeable sonic boom, and a lower setting which fires the projectile at a fraction under the speed of sound, allowing for silent hits.

The Sniper Rifle is in appearances little different from a standard sniper rifle, apart from a somewhat larger and longer barrel.

To supply the power needed to fire the rifle, a capacitor is used to gather the energy from the powerful batteries, into enough energy. The battery fits into the body of the gun, while the magazine, carrying ten of the bullets, fits into the butt. The bullets are made from an extremely dense tungsten-carbide, and designed for maximum penetration capability. A secondary version of the bullet, has a soft outer layer so it does not ricochet, with a core denser than the standard bullets for maximum penetration, coming to an even sharper point than on the standard bullet. The batteries contain enough energy to fire twenty below sound speed shots, and five full powered shots. It takes a few seconds to charge for a normal shot, around ten for a full powered shot.


The Sniper Rifle has an integrated sniper scope, which allows you to see in ultraviolet and infrared. The laser sight connected is ultraviolet, making it invisible to the human eye spectrum. The scope also has an built-in range finder, and the essential cross-hair. The rifle also has a reasonably powerful computer in it, which is capable storing personal information and comparing it to the target in the rifles scopes. The amount of bullets left, and the number of charges in the battery yet to be expended, are on LED screens on the top of the rifle, and also in sniper scope.


See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Standard Bullets

  • Low Power 3 PDR
  • Full Power 4 PDR

Armor Piercing

  • Low Power 4 PDR
  • Full Power 5 PDR


  • Low power 2,000 m
  • Full power 6,500 m



  • Gun: 3,300 KS


  • Standard bullets: 10 KS
  • Armor Piercing bullets: 15 KS


  • Extra magazine: 10 KS
  • Rechargeable battery: 30 KS
  • Five slot battery recharger: 500 KS

OOC Notes

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Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameEmrys Industries Sniper Rifle
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)3โ€ฏ,300.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 5

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