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Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship

The Henkei (Variation) is a multi-role starship that was first manufactured in YE 31.

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company

Henkei-class above view

About the Henkei

The Henkei is a basic starship that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the owner. The design uses a standard frame that they attach modules onto.


The Henkei came about as Geshrinari Shipyards sought to make their product line more profitable. They developed a basic starship frame that could be customized by adding various standard components. This allowed them to produce ships for a wide range of customers at a better profit.

Statistical Data


Class: Henkei-class Nomenclature: Ge-Y1-1a Type: Multi-role Designers: Geshrinari Shipyards Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Price: 20,000 KS (Without customization)

Common Configurations

These are the most common Henkei configurations.

Other configurations are possible by mixing the various modules.

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 6 (Can be operated by a single person) Passengers: 12 Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 18 personnel Emergency Capacity: 50 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 85 meters (269 feet)
  • Width: 33 meters ( 108 feet)
  • Height: 13 meters (42.64 feet)
  • Decks: 2 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Range


The Heneki is a nimble vessel.

  • Atmospheric: Mach 5

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Estimated 20 years of constant use, possibly longer with refits.

Refit Cycle: Frequent minor updates through refits once every four to five years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 12
  • Shields: 12 (Threshold 2)

Inside the Henkei

Upper Level

Henkei - Upper level

Lower Level

Henkei - Lower level

Deck Sections
One Crew Staterooms (6), Bridge, Escape Pods(2), Galley, Wardroom, Cargo Bay, Engineering, Shuttle bay
Two Pax Staterooms (6), Computer room, Escape Pods(2), Free space, Medbay,Cargo Bay, Engineering, Shuttle bay


The Henkei airlock is located ventrally. It is accessed from the lower deck. The floor of the airlock lowers the occupants to the ground or lifts them into the lock. It is otherwise similar to standard airlocks.

Bottom view of Henkei


The Henkei avionics are mounted above the bridge and below the computer core. This was done to give the sensors the clearest field of operation.


Basic bridge

The Henkei uses a Geshrinari Shipyards standard bridge. It is located on the upper deck. The bridge is restricted to crew members only. A corridor goes around the bridge giving access to the crew quarters.

Cargo Bay

The Henkei cargo bay is located just forward of the engineering section. Cargo is loaded through a pair of doors on the bottom. It contains Cargo Area features. The doors serve as cargo elevators.

Computer room

The Henkei Geshrinari Standard Computer Room is located on the bottom deck, directly beneath the bridge.


The Henkei has a Geshrinari Standard Engineering that extends across both decks. It is situated between the shuttle bay and the cargo bay.

Free Space

The area around the airlock is free space that the owner can use for whatever purpose they want.


The Henkei galley has a Geshrinari Galley. It is intentionally larger than what is needed for the base version, to accommodate extra personnel from the modules. It is located on the upper deck.


The basic medical bay for the Henkei is a Geshrinari Medical Niche. It is located on the bottom deck near the airlock.

Medical niche

For a fee of 1,500 KS customers can upgrade the medbay with a civilian Ke-J1-E3102 ABMU at the time of purchase. After market installation costs 2,000 KS.


Horizontal movement on the Henkei is by standard passageways similar to these passageways. There are two lateral passageways.

Vertical movement is done via spiral staircases.


The Wardroom of the Henkei is a multifunction room, serving as a crew meeting place, lounge and dining area. It is located on the upper deck adjacent to the galley.

Ship's Locker

There are two ship lockers on the Henkei. The first is on the upper deck behind the bridge. This is where small arms and other restricted equipment is stored. The other ship's locker is located on the lower deck, behind the computer room facing the airlock. Access to both is normally restricted to crew only.

Shuttle bay

The Henkei shuttle bay is located in the stern of the ship and covers both decks. It is 14.5 meters deep and 16 meters wide. There are hatches to allow access to both the lower and upper decks. Catwalks are present on the upper level.


The Henkei has a total of twelve (12) staterooms. The six single occupancy crew quarters are on the upper level. They are located in the front of the upper deck arcing around the corridor. There are six dual capacity staterooms for passengers on the bottom level. They are located in the front of the lower deck arcing around the corridor. Each stateroom has its own toilet and shower.

Ship Systems

Ge-Y1-A3100 - Armored Hull

The Henkei uses a Geshrinari Shipyards designed armor hull. The hull is composed .5 meters of overlapping durandium plating. The frame of the ship is Durandium Alloy. All windows on the Henkei are made of Transparent Durandium.

Ge-Y1-S3100 - Combined Field System

The Henkei primary defense is a Geshrinari Combined Field System.

Computer and Sensor Systems

For ships sold to the Star Army of Yamatai they come equipped with a Kessaku Systems Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES) computer and sensors.

Ge-Y1-E3100 - Computer

For ships sold to organizations outside of the Star Army of Yamatai, Geshrinari Shipyards provides a Ge-Y2-E3300 - Hogosha Quantum Computer System.

The Henkei uses a Geshrinari Shipyards designed computer based on the Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES), it runs the Kessaku OS.

Ge-Y1-E3101 - Sensors

  • Unidirectional Sensors - include variable wide-band imaging clusters, long-range gravimetric and magnetic resonance and distortion sensors and spectrometers. These sensors face the front of the ship and have a range up to five light-years.
  • Ultra-Wide Band Radar - This radar system is designed to detect and track objects in close proximity to the ship. System has a range of 1 light second

Ge-Y1-E3102 - Communications

  • Radio - Full spectrum, Dual-Modulation, no technical range, limited to light-speed, delays occur at long range.
  • Subspace/Hyperspace - A standard means of faster-than-light communication.

Ge-Y1-E3104 - Psionic Signal Controller

The Henkei is equipped with a Geshrinari Psionic Signal Controller.

Emergency Systems

Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System

The Henkei is equipped with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System.

Ge-Y1-M3104 - Module Connection Points

There are four of these on the Henkei they provide the physical, electrical and life support connectivity for the Henkei modules. When a module is attached the area inside of the point is open to allow free movement been the primary section and the attached modules. Geshrinari Shipyards recommends a detailed inspection of the connection points annually.

Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System

Power Systems

Ge-Y1-G3100 - Aether Generator

The primary power source for the Henkei is a high-output Aether generator. It provides power for all primary ship systems except for the weapons.

Ge-Y1-G3101 - Fusion Reactor

The Henkei secondary power source is a pair of fusion reactors. They provide power for the weapons. They also provide power for life support and auxiliary engines if primary power fails.


Ge-Y1-P3100 Combined Field System

The Henkei uses a Geshrinari Combined Field System for primary propulsion.

Ge-Y1-P3101 - Hyperdrive

The Henkei uses a Geshrinari Hyperspace Fold Drive for long distance travel.

Ge-Y1-P3102 Continuum Distortion Drive

The Henkei uses two Geshrinari Continuum Distortion Drives mounted in parallel for STL and atmospheric travel.

Ge-Y1-P3103 - Manuevering Thrusters

The Henkei uses Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters clusters for docking and station keeping.

Ge-Y1-W3100 - Anti-Ship Turrets

The Henkei has two Ge-Y1-W3100 - Anti-Ship Turrets mounted on the top of the ship. Damage Rating (Version 3) 2 SDR


Henkei Modules

There are a variety of modules that allow customers to customize the Henkei for their specific needs. The modules share the following traits:

  • Primary power comes from the Henkei.
  • Primary life support comes from the Henkei.
  • Expands the intercom system with rooms on contained in it.
  • Can be jettisoned in an emergency.

These are the standard modules available:

Ge-Y1-M3100 - Cargo

Cargo Module

This module expands the cargo capacity of the ship. View details about the cargo module.

Ge-Y1-M3101 - Passenger

Passenger Module

This module expands the passenger capacity of the ship. View details about the passenger module.

Ge-Y1-M3102p - Patrol (Port)

Patrol Module (Port)

This module expands the offensive capacity of the ship. View details about the patrol module.

Ge-Y1-M3102s - Patrol (Starboard)

Patrol Module (Starboard)

This module expands the offensive capacity of the ship. View details about the patrol module.

Ge-Y1-M3103p - Mining

Mining Module

This module gives the ship the ability to harvest asteroids. View details about the mining module.

Ge-Y1-M3103s - Mining

Mining Module

This module gives the ship the ability to harvest asteroids. View details about the mining module.

Ge-Y1-M3500 - Building/Storefront

Standard Equipment

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Jul 10, 2009 Artwork by Nashoba

Submission Approved by Wes on Jul 11, 2009. Forum Thread.

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