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Campus Belmont

Home of the Belmont family clan located on Yamatai (Planet) just outside the city of Kyoto. This organization started as a simple training ground but over the years it has grown into a full campus. All major people within the family call this location home. There are few amenities you can not find on campus. The species located within the campus are diverse though are mostly Minkan and Nekos at the present time. There is a high number of orphans that live on site as well.

Private Wing

This location is the sleeping area for all direct related family. Few are allowed in this area of the campus. Only fully escorted guests are even allowed to walk the halls of this area. The highlight of this location is the throne room. Though not like a traditional throne room it still has grand architecture. At the far end of the room is a large black marble desk and seated behind it the head of the household.

Barracks Wing

All those directed hired by the family lives in this section of the house. It is mostly sleeping quarters but there is a rumor that many of the weapons for the campus are stashed in this area.

Dorm Wing

Shortly after Alastair returned from Mission 14 aboard the Kaiyō this wing was renovated and expanded. It was decided in order to help integrate the saved girls from mission 14 into society that the wing would require upgrades. This area of the house use to be more general purpose but has since been changed into the dorm wing. A running joke around the campus is that this is the “harem” wing since most of the people living there are the saved girls that were liberated from the evil hands of Eve.

School and Refuge House

In order to ensure a proper education and to keep a watchful eye on those tied with the family it was decided a school would be opened. Most of the students are related to family or people who work for the family. It is however not restricted and anyone who wants to attend is welcome to enroll. It also functions as a safe house for those in need of a place to call home. This could be someone displaced by war or just looking for a place to lay low. Outside the main house, this is a heavily guarded location that even the government has issues getting access to the place.

Sports Dome

After the school was completed it only made sense for them to add a location for the school to hold events. It later became a full sports dome able to house the largest of games. This allowed the school to compete abroad.

Hotel, Pool and Bath House

This location is like a five star resort. Since running the organization is a never ending job it was only natural a vacation on the grounds would come to be. There are no less than six restaurants and three night clubs. The most famous night clubs is the Frisky and Kitten. These are side by side and connected on the inside allowing guests to move between the two different type of bars. As of YE 42, the restaurant selection includes a location of the exclusive Takeda House. The center of the area is a large hotel with enough rooms for 100 guests. Around the base is a full heated swimming pool, complete with two swim up bars.

Red Light District

This area of the campus is designed to cater to the more primal needs of a person. This block is home to several love hotels, strip clubs, bars and maid cafes. There is also a section dedicated to services such as rental girl friend (or boy friend) and one hour marriage chapel. One of the most famous locations in this area is the “Looking Glass” brothel. The entire front of the building is one large glass window to allow a customer to see all the different options. Once they know what they would like to have, one must simply punch in the code and it will dispense like a vending machine. This is one of the few areas of the campus that is gated off and requires a full background check. One does not simply walk into Belmont Red Light.

Training Grounds

This location is designed around combat training. It comes complete with four weapon ranges, ten training classes and six obstacle courses. This takes up around half the total size of the campus.


The family dates back at least two generations to a small dojo in the local area. This campus came to be after the Fourth Elysian War. Since most of this area around Geshrinopolis had been glassed it was the perfect time to make a land grab. The family had existed prior to this campus but was still small time in terms of money and power. After the war it was decided to expand the family's presence in the local area. Thus the first main living area was built that would later become the private wing. Most of the construction was funded by the family having done well during the war.

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