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Ge-Y1-M3102 - Patrol Module

The Ge-Y1-M3102 - Patrol Module is an option for the Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship that was first manufactured in YE 31.

It is not available for public sales.


Class: Module Nomenclature: Ge-Y1-M3102p/s Type: Patrol Designers: Geshrinari Shipyards Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Price: 7,500 KS (Without customization)

The only difference between the Ge-Y1-M3102p and the Ge-Y1-M3102s is orientation. They contain the same equipment but are opposite in physical arrangement.


Length: 52 meters (170 feet) Width: 20 meters ( 65.6 feet) Height: 12 meters ( 39.36 feet) Decks: 2 (4 meters each)


Fire Control Station

The Ge-Y1-M3102 module has a fire controls station where the weapons are controlled. There is a station which allows the operator to target and fire the weapons.

Pocket Power Armor Bay

The Ge-Y1-M3102 module has a compact 4 suit capacity power armor bay. These are used by personnel on the Henkei for boarding vessels. The power armors exit and enter the module ventrally.


Emergency Systems

  • Auto fire suppression (AFS) - The AFS is available in all parts of the Henkei. When activated it deploys a fire suppressing gas. This gas reduces the available oxygen so personnel in an affected area should leave, or don a portable air tank. Each compartment has sensors to detect smoke and or heat. When activated the system triggers a shipwide alarm over the intercom giving the location of the fire.
  • Chemical extinguishers - These are present for manual use on electrical and metal fires.

Ge-Y1-A3103s/p - Armored Hull

The Ge-Y1-M3102 module uses a Geshrinari Shipyards designed armor hull. The hull is composed .5 meters of overlapping durandium plating. The frame of the module is Durandium Alloy.

Ge-Y1-E3104 - Intercom System add-on

The Ge-Y1-E3104 connects to the Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System aboard the Henkei. It allows all compartments on the module to tie into the system.

Ge-Y1-G3101 - Fusion Reactor

The Patrol module features the same Ge-Y1-G3101 Fusion reactor as the secondary generator on the Henkei. This reactor provides the power necessary to run the systems in the module.

Ge-Y1-G3102 Matter Collection System

The Ge-Y1-M3102 modules features Geshrinari Matter Collection System. This gathers fuel for use by the reactor in the module. The MCS intake ports are located aft of the positron cannon.

Ge-Y1-M3105 - Module Connection Points

The Ge-Y1-M3105 is the standard mating unit for connecting to the Ge-Y1-M3104 on the Henkei. There are two of these on the module they provide the physical, and electrical connectivity for the to the Henkei.

Ge-Y1-P3104 - Booster Engine

The module features a STL booster engine. This engine brings the Henkei performance back to the basic level by compensating for the extra mass of the module. It also can provide a boost of extra speed for up to 20 minutes.

Ge-Y1-W3101 - Positron Cannon

This is the primary weapon of the module. It fires a focused burst of positrons. Its effectiveness is reduced by range.

Range Damage
0 - 50,000 miles 3 SDR
50,001 - 100,000 miles 2 SDR
100,001 - 150,000 miles 1 SDR
  • Rate of Fire: Once every ten seconds

Ge-Y1-W3102 - Point Defense Turrets

The module has four turrets which are primarily for defense against missiles and armor.

  • 3 ADR per turret

Ge-Y1-W3103 - Graviton Beam Projector

The Ge-Y1-W3103 Graviton Beam Projector is for use in capturing a vessel. It allows the Henkei to grapple the target vessel and hold it stationary.

Ge-Y1-W3104 - Anti-FTL field emitter

Along the top and bottom of the Ge-Y1-M3102 are emitters for the Anti-FTL field system. This allows the Henkei to create an interdiction field to slow fleeing vessels. The field has a .5 AU radius.

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