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Ge-T5-1a Cho-Class Shuttle

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The Cho-Class shuttle is a compact in-system shuttle, it became available in YE 34.

About the Cho

The Cho-Class Shuttle is Geshrinari Shipyards smallest shuttle, which gives it the lowest price point in their line of shuttles. The Cho-Class is designed as an in-system shuttle, designed primary to fly between orbit and the surface, or to satellites around a planet. The Cho can carry up to four people, but that is done by sacrificing storage space. The rear two seats can be folded down into the floor to make more space for cargo. The Cho-Class has no weaponry, since it is intended to operate in areas where protection is either unnecessary, or provide by others. Cho or Chō means Butterfly in Yamataian, which the design was originally called because it was meant to flit back and forth.

Cho-Class Shuttle


With the Success of the Geshrinari Shipyards larger shuttles, the corporation wanted a product in the lower price point for customers. The concept of the Cho-Class was focused toward small starships which did not need large transports, as well individuals who wanted a cheap insystem craft. The design team was focused on making the Cho-Class safe, reliable and inexpensive to build and maintain.


The Cho-Class is a flattened cylinder with rounded ends. The shuttle has a large wrap around window in the front, and large wrap over window in the middle. Also visible is the hinge assembly that allows the two sides of the middle window to open and serve as the door. Four landing pads are visible on the bottom of the craft and four plasma drives on the stern. At various points on the shuttle maneuvering thruster pairs as visible.

Statistics and Performance

Side view


Class: Ge-T5-1A Type: Shuttle Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Production: Mass Production Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Price: 10,000 KS


Crew: 2 operators are recommended, but only one is required. Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 4 people


Height: 1.6 meters (5.248 feet) Width: 2.5 meters ( 8.2 feet) Length: 4 meters ( 13.12 feet) Decks: 1

Propulsion and Range

Sublight Engines: .25c (~74,948 kilometers per second) (~46,570 miles per second) Atmospheric: 1,225 kph (761.3 mph) Mach 1 Range: 10 days of travel (about 137 light-years at maximum speed). Lifespan: 20+ Years Refit Cycle: Once every 5 years

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 16 Armor Scale
  • Shields: 20 (Threshold 4)


  • Primary Purpose: Interplanetary Transport
  • Secondary Purpose: Planetary Landings
  • Weapons: None

Inside the Cho-Class

The interior of the Cho-Class allows for moving around the interior, but the ceiling is only 1.2m or 3.9 feet high. So occupants moving about must do so bent over. The floor is covered in a simple stain resistant carpet. There are two seats in the front, each with a movable programmable touch screen console. There is also a folding display attached to the exterior by each seat that can be programmed for the occupants use. In the passenger section are two chairs that can be stored in the floor compartment. All the chairs in the shuttle have restraints for the occupants safety.

Interior view

There are two in-floor storage areas in the rear of the shuttle where two EM-G19 - Survival Kits are typically stowed.

The rear of the passenger compartment has two large access panels that give access to the engine compartment for maintenance and repair. A pair of standard extinguishers are mounted on the rear wall adjacent to the panels.



The Cho-Class is made using the GE-T1-H3300 - Spacecraft (DO) Hull Construction. The windows are composed of Transparent Durandium.


Communications capabilities for the Cho-Class is provided by the Ge-T8-E3104 - Communications Array.

Gull Wing Doors

The shuttle has two curved gull wing style doors that allow entry. The doors are made of Transparent Durandium and connect at the top of the shuttle by a hinge which can be seen.


The Cho-Class uses a Ge-T8-V3100 - Environmental System for the comfort of its occupants.


A Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array provides the computer requirements for the Cho-Class.


Ge-T8-E3100 - Basic Small Craft Sensor Package is what the Cho-Class uses for its needs.


The Cho-Class is equipped with a Geshrinari Anti-Matter Generator and has a 14 day fuel supply.


The Cho-Class is outfitted with a Geshrinari Combined Field System to protect it against hazards in space.


Graviton Engines

The Cho-Class is equipped with a Geshrinari Graviton Engine for landing, launching and lower atmospheric travel.

Plasma Drive

The Cho-Class is equipped with four Geshrinari Plasma Drive engines for high altitude and space propulsion.

Aft View


There are nine Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters distributed across the shuttle. These are used to adjust flight attitude and for minor positional adjustments and station keeping activities.

Landing Pads

The Cho-Class is fitted with four non-retracting landing skids. These provide enough clearance to keep the hull from touching, and provide a stable platform when on the ground.

Bottom View

Retractable Lamps

The Cho-Class is equipped with a pair of retractable lamps, these are used during take off and landings in the dark, flying at low altitude, and in space when approaching ships and structures.


Other Data

Additional Images

Top View

Top View

Front View

Front View


OOC Notes

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Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameCho-Class Shuttle
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year ReleasedYE 34
Price (KS)10β€―,000.00 KS

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