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EM-K5 "Sagasu" Enclosed ATV

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-K5 Sagasu ATV was originally built for the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) and became available in YE 34.

About the EM-K5

The EM-K5 Sagasu is an enclosed, all terrain vehicle with a variety of features that enables the vehicle to traverse almost any obstacle. Saasu means to seek, which is one of the fundamental purposes of the ATV. The Sagasu is an eight wheel drive vehicle and amphibious. The EM-K5 has three modes of operation, travel, high, water

Front View


The design for the Sagasu was created based upon a request from the SSS as an alternative to the Ke-K1-1B Type 30 Light Utility Truck often used by their expeditions. The LUT lacked environmental protection, and was limited in its carrying capacity. The SSS contacted the corporation in the second month of YE 34.


The Sagasu has a hexagonal body, with tapered ends. There are eight independent drive wheels. There are three windows on the front, three on either side, one of the door, and a sunroof. There are headlights, and side lights for illumination. There is an integrated ladder on either side of the vehicle as well.

Side View



Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-K5-1a Organizations Using This Product: Scientific Studies Service (SSS) Type: All Terrain Class: Ground Vehicle Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Prices: 10,000 KS


Length: 7.4m Width: 3.6 m Height: 2.6 m (Travel mode) Height: 2.4 m (Water mode) Height: 3 m (High clearance mode)


Travel Mode: 0-150 kph (0-100 mph) Water Mode: 0-32 kph (0-20 mph) High Clearance: 0-16 kph (0-10 mph)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 10 ADR
  • Shields: 10 (Threshold 1) (Only if equipped with EM-K5-S3400)

Travel Mode

This is the primary mode of operation for the EM-K5. In travel mode that vehicle moves the fastest and

Water Mode

The EM-K5 is fully amphibious. When it enters deep water, the wheels retract into water mode. Once retracted blades come of the outer edge of the wheel. These blades are used to propel the craft in the water. Buoyancy is adjusted by a gravity modules in the floor. The rear door is disabled when the craft is in the water. It is possible to exit the craft when in the water by the window in the roof.

EM-K5 in the water

EM-K5 Side view in Water mode.

Profile view

High Clearance

The EM-K5 has a high clearance mode, which raises the body of the vehicle until it has up to 1 meter of ground clearance. In this mode the wheel units can rotate to any direction. Because of the higher elevation and the change in the center of gravity, the EM-K5 automatically limits the speed of the vehicle in this mode. It is intended for limited duration to make its way over or around obstacles.

High clearance

Sideways configuration

Top view

Inside the EM-K5

The EM-K5 is capable of seating up to eight people. The six seats in the back can be stowed beneath the floor for additional space. The seats are padded, recline, and can rotate to face any direction. Restraint straps are available to secure the occupant.

Along both sides of the vehicle equipment supporting the drive wheels is located along the bottom. There are also storage compartments between the equipment compartments. There are eight overhead track lights which can be positioned for the occupants convenience. Located in the back of the vehicle on either side of the door a Fire Extinguisher ๐Ÿงฏ is mounted. Four EM-G16-2a First Aid Kit are stowed on top of the compartments.

For long duration trips, a chemical toilet can be installed in the back, and hammocks can be attacked to hooks on the walls for sleeping.

Cutaway view

Overhead view


EM-K5-H3400 Armored Body

The EM-K5 is built for durability, so it uses a Monocoque structural frame of Osmiridium, that is covered in Durandium Alloy plates.

EM-K5-E3400 Computer

The EM-K5 is equipped with a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array for its computer needs.

EM-K5-E3401 Communications

The EM-K5 is equipped with a Ge-T8-E3104 - Communications Array.

EM-K5-V3400 Environmental

Because the Sagasu is intended to operate in a wide range of environments, it has a dedicated environmental system.


The K5-V3400 HVAC system, which provides temperature and humidity control.


The K5-V3400 atmosphere processing subsystem uses a combination of scrubbers. The system has an emergency reserve for twelve hours should all power fail.

EM-K5-G3400 Fusion Generator

The K5-G3400 is a compact Geshrinari Fusion Generator designed to power all aspects of the vehicle. The Generator is located in the front of the vehicle, and the fuel for it is stored in the rear.

EM-K5-P3400 Propulsion

The EM-K5 is propelled by eight independent water-tight electric driven wheels. Each wheel has its own suspension system. The have an integrated torque converter to allow the drive wheels to shift other ratios of higher speeds. The wheel portion is a puncture proof self-inflating tire with Durandium Alloy belts for strength. The shaft is used to rotate the wheel, it is capable of rotating up to 180 degrees. It is also where the pneumatics which can raise and lower the wheels. In the event a wheel should be damaged, it can be retracted to the water mode so that the vehicle can continue to operate in travel mode.

When the vehicle goes into water mode the main drive mechanism is switched off, eight blades are then extended out of the drive hub. Once the blades are extended the hub is unlocked and its own drive mechanism is engaged. The hub can rotate in either direction.

The pneumatic system serves as a shock absorber, which gives the EM-K5 a smooth ride.

Drive Mode Water Mode
Drive wheel Amphibian mode

EM-K5-P3401 Programmable Gravity Module

The EM-K5 is equipped with a programmable gravity module. The unit is not for the comfort of the occupants of the vehicle. Rather the module serves as a safety feature for the Sagasu. It was originally incorporated to help adjust the buoyancy of the vehicle in water mode. However the designers soon realized that by making it programmable it could be used to help the vehicle operate on low gravity worlds. So it can be programmed for strength and positive or negative gravity.

EM-K5-M3400 Lighting system

The EM-K5 is equipped with multifunction lighting units. These are mounted on the sides of the vehicle, three on each side, and two sets on the front that also serve as the headlights. These lamps can project, normal visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared. These extra modes are used to help with observing the surroundings.

EM-K5-S3400 Shield Modules (Optional)

The EM-K5 can be equipped with a pair of optional shield generator modules. These are used when the EM-K5 is going to be deployed in a dangerous environment. The modules are mounted on the top of the craft at the front and back.

Shield module

The module is .2m tall, .6m wide and .39m deep. Below you can see them mounted on the vehicle.

Sagasu with Shield modules


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Product Categoriesvehicles
Product Name"Sagasu" Enclosed ATV
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 34
Price (KS)10โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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