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Type 41 Hard Suit

The Type 41 Hard Suit, is a new infantry kit designed and created by Ketsurui Zaibatsu, with a few components designed by Galactic Horizon. It is manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu, for SAoY use beginning late-YE 41 as non-power armor infantry kit meant for extended field use. This is intended for use by the Star Army Reconnaissance, and Star Army Rikugun, but is mainly used by the Rangers. With some interest shown by Military Police personnel as well.

About the Armor

Where as power armor is designed for heavy combat and frontline service. There are units who use finesse, more then firepower. Lab technicians designed a suit of armor more low in profile and cost of resources, and created around the need for something more appropriate for extended field use. The type 41 hard suit does this beautifully, while still bridging the gap between power armor, and unpowered combat armor sets of old. While not reliant on its power source, it offers several field performance enhancements for the wearer when active.

Statistics & Performance

Here is the manufacturer's data on the Type 41 Hard Suit.


The Type 41 Hard Suit by itself looks like a body glove of a suit that's a bit on the thicker side. Outlines can be seen to show that it has a bit of muscle of its own, along with its own reinforced spine that is visible on the back. Additionally, there is a integrated belt around the waist, which is used for utility purposes. Vital areas of the suit are firmer, and slightly thicker where the armor is somewhat denser.

The armor pieces are casted, and feature straps with heavy duty buckles to be donned over the suit, along with Boots that have the shin armor attached. A Type 40 Plate Bearing Vest is also worn over the torso to also supplement the suit's protection, and topped off by a hardened fully enclosed helmet known as the Star Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto". Additional equipment components range from extra magazine holders, holsters, sheaths, packs like the Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29, backpacks (The Type 41 Assault Pack in particular as defualt.), or even light technical equipment for field use. All of it is given the appropriate camouflage finish for what theater, or setting of operation the troops wearing it are being deployed in.


In YE 41, as the war with the Kuvexians raged on, loss of territory brought about the realization that the SAoY was looking at an extended war. New equipment had begun to be developed to further enhance the particular skills of some of the more specialized infantry units. Those like the Ranger units in the Star Army Reconnaissance, meant to be out in the field for even up to months at a time, as battle lines shifted and pushed against each other. It was clear that anything new needed to last, and not be too bulky, or hard to hide in the Ranger's case.

So the Type 41 Hard Suit was drafted, designed, and finalized for production. Using components adopted from Galactic Horizon, and insight from soldier that had extensive experience in lengthy ground warfare like that of Mark Oaklen, and Lucas Arturius. Those at Ketsurui Zaibatsu, took these components and knowledge, and applied them to the new design. What was born was a non-power armor kit, unlike any that had been used in the past, as it was a hybrid between cutting edge and intuitive. Low on the use of complex parts, but still applying the empire's most advanced technologies and manufacturing methods.

Damage Capacity Stats

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for a guide to damage ratings to include.

  • DRv3 Tier: 3 Heavy-Personnel
  • Shield: 3 Heavy-Personnel

Getting In and Out

The suit itself, is slid into like one would slide on a fresh pair of skinny jeans, then insert their arms into the full coverage sleeves. The seam that vertically goes from the collar, down to the waist/belt, is then sealed. Donning the helmet and closing the neck seal gives a completely sealed suit, protecting against extreme weather, and either full water submersion, or zero atmosphere environs. Lastly, the armor pieces are strapped on where applied, and the vest donned over the head and fastened. Any additional equipment, is attached to the appropriate attachment points.


Here are the different parts of the Type 41 Hard Suit that are not detailed in the sections below.


The suit itself is a tri-layered gel based suit, with two layers of kinetic force absorbent gel that have been designed with Yama-Dura platelets in it, and a layer of synthetic muscle layered between. The platelets are layered into the gel layers, larger and thicker ones used around vital areas such as the lower legs, thighs, abdomen, chest, forearms, back, and shoulders. This makes these particular regions more stiff in feeling, but not in a way that would hinder movement. With them and the layer of muscle, produce a suit that disperses the kinetic force and penetration of most kinetic rounds. Additionally, both the Yama-Dura and gel material, are highly resistant to more extreme temperatures, making them very resistant to energy based weapons.

The additional armor given by the Yama-Dura armor pieces worn over the suit, as well as the plates in the Type 40 Plate Bearing Vest, make it a lightweight contender in the heavier class of armors. The casting of the worn armor pieces donned over the suit, allowing the armor to fit to the shape of the body more sleekly, over the shins, thighs, groin, forearms, as well as shoulders and upper arms. Making the Type 41 Hard Suit a rugged and sturdy, infantry based armor kit, even on the modern battlefield.


The Type 41 Hard Suit uses a basic conformal shield unit that is built into a spinal reinforcement integrated into the back of the suit. This supports the back more against higher concussive forces the suit might have to protect the wearer from. This is powered by a secondary power cell located just below the back of the neck, where it slots into and can be slowly recharged by the suits excess converted charge. The additional cell stored in the belt, can be swapped in its place, in the event the first was drained faster then it could charge. Therefore, allowing continued usage, even in heavier fighting.


Generally, the suit and most of its equipment are given a RIKUPAT camo finish, adding the signature camouflage to its entirety. Otherwise, it is a light grey, with the equipment being in standard SAoY colors for when used in a outpost/base posting. Additionally, for space deployment, this set of gear is colored in darker hues. The main suit black, with the equipment being a charcoal grey. Underwater is given a more navy blue color, with equipment also colored in a dark grey. Finally, the suit and its gear can be in winter camo for more colder environs.

This is done through an adaptive pigmentation system that is treated with a UV light radiation, and then adjusted to certain pigment sets with a set voltage of static electricity.

Life Support

The Hard Suit is sealed against the vacuum of zero atmosphere, and submersion in water, allowing operation in both conditions when paired with a fully enclosed helmet. It is also thoroughly insulated, as well as temperature controlled against the elements. In the case of puncture, or injury, tubules running through the outer and inner layers seal these with a special gel type sealant. The biological based sealant similar to that of hemosynth, fills the opening as well as any wound, acting as a disinfecting/coagulating agent and synthetic liquid bandaging. In the case of zero atmospheric, or lengthy underwater deployment, additional air supply units can be attached in place of the Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29.

Power Systems

Most of the minimal power requirements the suit has, are supplied through charge of bio-electrical energy from the user's body. Whether from conversion of thermal energy given by the user's own body heat, and friction of movement. Both of which power the artificial muscle system to reduce the amount of work, and strain on the user instead of strength enhancement.

Additionally, a power cell can be slotted into a storage compartment on the waist as back up, or to power additional equipment if needed. Another, is located in a slot just below the back of the neck, which supplies power for the suit's modest shielding unit, adequate for a armor of its class and to protect against allies using Combined Field System. These can be recharged via excess converted charge from the normal bio-electric based energy the suit uses by default.

In necessary situations, the extra cell mind replace that used for the shield module, or to further stimulate the synthetic muscle in the suit, further improving output for moderate strength increase. However, being only a power cell, such a boost would be only temporary, and would be best used as backup for the shield while the first cell charges in the belt again.

Sensors and Communications

Comms and sensors are almost entirely dependent on what equipment is used with the suit, as none is installed standard, and generally uses what is installed in whatever helmet is worn with it. However, if needed, a comm unit can be attached to the belt, or a more powerful one to either the waist, or back attach points. Same goes for any sensors used with the Type 41 Hard Suit.

Attach Points

The Type 41 Hard Suit has a few places on it where additional gear can be attached. Below is the standard field loadout, which can be altered as needed, based on operational requirements.

Attach PointEquipment
HelmetStar Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto"
TorsoType 40 Plate Bearing Vest
BackType 41 Assault Pack
Back of WaistStar Army Butt Pack, Type 29
Left ThighSidearm Holster1)
Righ ThighAdditional magazine pouch kit, or grenades
^Attach Point^Equipment^
^Helmet|Insert Equipment Link|
^Torso|Insert Equipment Link|
^Back|Insert Equipment Link|
^Back of Waist|Insert Equipment Link|
^Left Thigh|Sidearm Holster((Limited to pistols and SMGs))((Insert Equipment Link))|
^Righ Thigh|Additional magazine pouch kit, or grenades.((Insert Equipment Link))|

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Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 41
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmilitary equipment, power armor, safety equipment
Product NameHard Suit, Type 41
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 41
Limited to pistols and SMGs

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