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Ke-V10-E3900 Multirole Sensors Pod

The Ke-V10-E3900 was developed for use on the Ke-V10 "Mamushi" Multirole Starfighter and became available in YE 39.


The Ke-V10-E3900 is an external sensors array fitted into the aft two internal hardpoints on the Ke-V10 “Mamushi” Fighter for extended sensors, early warning, and electronic warfare use. It is used solely on the Ke-V10-1B model only due to the required amount of attention managing the sensors pod takes. The sensors pod has three functions, sensor booster mode, Airborne Early Warning and Control 1) mode, and Electronic Warfare mode.

Sensor Booster mode gives the sensors a strength and range boost at the cost of increased power and increased range at which the pod will be detected. This mode is primarily used for detection boosts in point where you want to see your enemy before he sees you and are not afraid of possibly alerting them to your presence.

Airborne Early Warning and Control or AWACS mode is the supervisory mode that allows the second seat to act as a monitor for fighter squadrons deployed to an area. This mode piggybacks the sensor booster, but does not have the same power or range as dedicated sensor boosters. The sensor power that is taken away goes to focusing on tracking missile locks and other targeting and observing the enemy ships and craft in reference to friendly craft. This mode is rarely used close to a ship or fleet's own sensor range unless the majority of the sensors are damaged or otherwise non-functional.

The last mode, Electronic Warfare Mode, is a complex jamming device crammed into the remaining room in the sensor pod. It is primarily used to scramble targeting locks, sensors, and communications of enemy craft when used correctly. This mode is used in special circumstances and requires every friendly craft to have special sensor tuning to prevent friendly jamming. Due to the strength of the jamming, even with tuning it can sometimes still affect friendly sensors to an extent. Because of this, when flying Electronic Warfare flights it is recommended that the flight flies either alone or with a single escort.


The sensor pod itself looks like a metal box with multiple access points and two long metal rails for mounting and power. While not especially pretty, it was optimized for weight and space rather than aerodynamics. The mounting rails are designed to fit on two of the Ke-V10's internal hardpoints to supply power for the Mamushi's powerplant.


General Information

Performance Statistics

  • Purpose: Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare/Airborne Early Warning and Control 2) Sensor Usage
  • Damage: N/A
  • Range: Approximately 30 LY in Sensor Boosting mode, and 25 LY in AWACS mode. There is no range boost in Electronic Warfare mode.

OOC Notes

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Product Categoriessubsystems
Product NameMultirole Sensors Pod
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 39
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