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Star Army Jacket, Type 35

The Type 35 Jacket is the top of the Star Army of Yamatai's duty uniform.


In mid-YE 35, an updated version of the jacket (Type 35A) was introduced that replaced the first version on production lines. It included increased functionality of the uniform; it appears identical to the original but gained the following intrinsic features:

  • Insect-repellent treatment
  • Radiation resistant fabric
    • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50+
  • The fabric has moisture-wicking properties and is highly stain-resistant.

In YE 41, the Star Army began phasing in the Type 35B Jacket, which is an environmentally-friendly version of the jacket which introduced a high-quality fabric made from 55% biodegradable polyester and 45% elastique Merino wool or similar high-end wool. For reference, it typically takes 1-5 years for wool to biodegrade in a landfill and 2-10 years for the chosen polyester. However, if properly cared for, the jacket can last a hundred years or more like most wool garments. The new blend is treated for radiation resistance, stain resistance, and insect resistance similarly to the Type 35A.

In YE 45, the Star Army gave the Type 35 Duty Uniform, including its jacket, its five-year review. All of the recommended updates were applied to the jacket. The Star Army added Dataweave, Omnihue color panels, and the communicator/volumetric projector first used in the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.

Type Fabric Notes
Type 35 Synthetic Original issue, YE 34-35
Type 35A Synthetic YE 35-Present
Type 35B Poly/Wool Blend YE 41-YE 45
Type 35C Poly/Wool Blend with Dataweave and Omnihue YE 45-present


The Type 35 is a jacket with a high, rounded mandarin collar, shoulder straps, light blue piping, and a double-breasted design fastened with hidden metal snaps and covering a zipper that runs down the jacket's centerline. The pointed cut at the front bottom is traditional for soldiers of Yamatai and Nepleslia and is based on the Traditional Flak Vest. It is regal blue on the upper portion and sleeves, which is the color of the flag of the Yamatai Star Empire and on the bottom the color varies based on the soldier's occupation (see Star Army Uniform Colors). The lightweight synthetic or blended poly/wool fabric is resistant to stains, fire, radiation, insects, and sweat buildup.

A Star Army Hinomaru patch is sewn onto the right arm midway between the shoulder and the elbow. The upper left chest area can be optionally used to display Star Army Awards & Medals. Unit patches are authorized but optional.

There is a small yellow tag inside of the jacket with a Star Army Equipment Label that says when and where the jacket was made (usually at the Central Fleet Depot in Central Uesureya), as well as the jacket's size. On the reverse size it has laundry care instructions.

Built-In Electronics

Beginning with the Type 35C, the jacket contains removable internal micro-batteries and a removable volumetric projector (appears as a glowing teal triangle on the upper torso) and an optional wrist-mounted mini-communicator.


There are some authorized variations in the uniform to accommodate new features and different species.

A variant for winged personnel (such as Elysians) is available. It features a large V-shaped slit in the back that allows the wings to be displayed without exposing the back. There is a hook-and-pile fastener at the bottom of the V that keeps the triangular back flap in place.

There is also a sleeveless version for Phods and, optionally, Kodians. On the sleeveless variant, the rank insignia is displayed on the left breast as with the working uniform.

A Phodian variant Elysian variant A Kodian variant


The Type 35 Jacket is used as part of the duty uniform. It is normally worn over a T-Shirt. In the Class A Formal configuration it is worn with medals and awards and in the Class B Everyday configuration it is worn with decoration.

All versions of the jacket do not require any special washing procedures.

Uniform Insignia

This section gives instructions on how ranks, patches, pins, and other symbols are worn on the uniform.

Placement of Medals and Awards

Medals are worn on the left side of the chest aligned vertically so that the highest medal touches an imaginary line between the two spots where the bottom of the sleeve meets the jacket torso, and horizontally aligned in the middle of the left half of the jacket torso. Rank pins are worn centered on and 2 centimeters above the medals with the fleet triangle roughly alighted with the blue/occupational color seam. Foreign awards can be worn on the opposite side from the medals.

Insignia Placement

Placement of Rank Insignia

For officers, the rank is on the lower sleeves and for enlisted, rank is on the left sleeve.

Officers Warrant Officers NCOs Enlisted
above cuffs between shoulder & elbow
gold bands blue bands red chevrons green bars
Officer sleeve rank Warrant officer sleeve rank NCO sleeve rank Enlisted sleeve rank

Note that officers and warrant officers have a fleet patch in the location where enlisted and NCOs have their rank patch. NCOs and enlisted soldiers do not wear a fleet patch.

Enlisted Rank Patches

Enlisted rank is on the upper left arm only, midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Mango Sakura Pineapple

Lower Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officers
Jôtô Hei 3 green bars Jôtô Heisho three red inverted chevrons
Ittô Hei 2 green bars Ittô Heisho two red inverted chevrons
Nitô Hei 1 green bar Nitô Heisho a red inverted chevron
Note: There are no rank patches for the ranks of Yontô Hei and Santô Hei.

Officer Stripes

Officer and warrant officer rank goes around the ends of both sleeves. For officer ranks, the gold rank insignia on the lower sleeves always has the thinner strips higher on the arm.

Ketsurui Hanako Sakura Blueberry Valencia Ramiro

Taii 2 stripes Taii Taisa 4 stripes Taisa Taisho 2 thick stripes Taisho
Chui 1 stripe and one thin stripe Chui Chusa 3 stripes Chusa Chujo 1 thick stripe and one normal stripe Chujo
Shoi 1 stripe Shoi Shosa 2 stripes and one thin stripe Shosa Shôshô 1 thick stripe Shoso
Shoi Kohosei 1 thin stripe Shoi Kohosei Warrant officers had one to three blue stripes.

Rank Pin Badges

Rank pins are only worn in the “Class A Formal” configuration of this uniform. They are worn positioned over the left breast. For rank pin examples, see First Fleet Rank Pins. For information on ranks, see Star Army Ranks.

Taisho rank Badge Santo Juni rank BadgeItto Hei rank Badge

Placement of Patches and Other Insignia

This section shows where to place patches and other items on the uniform.

Hinomaru Patch

The Star Army Hinomaru patch is on all Star Army of Yamatai uniforms.

Star Army Type 38 "Hinomaru" Insignia

As of YE 41, the Star Army has begun using the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41.

Fleet Patches for Officers

Officer uniforms (only) may display a Star Army Fleet Patch on the left arm midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Unit Patches

Unit patches, as with previous uniforms, may optionally be worn above the Hinomaru on the shoulder and are based on the unit commander's preference. See: Starship Patch

YSS Heitan Logo

Medical Patch

Star Army Medical personnel have a red diamond patch on their left shoulder. This patch goes above patches for enlisted rank or fleet patches. Qualified medics may continue to wear this patch after changing occupations.

Overall Color Scheme

Here are the specified colors for the uniform:

For the color panel on the torso, see Star Army Uniform Colors.

Star Army Logistics
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Product NameStar Army Jacket, Type 35
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 35
Price (KS)100.00 KS

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