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Arachni Drone Mk. II

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The Arachni Drone had for several years enjoyed limited sales, but high success in those tasks given to it, largely those in the security market, and it came to Ephesus’ attention that they were lagging a little behind the times technology wise, and so he decided to give them a little bit of an update. Thus was created the Arachni Drone Mark II, all the Arachni ever was and more.

About the Arachni

The drone stands two and a half feet tall, supported by four spider-like legs. Raised around its body are another four leg-like protrusions used not for propulsion by for mêlée, their razor sharp edges combined with their blinding fast movement used to rip their opponents apart. The same speed that makes these legs so dangerous makes the Arachni move at a very impressive speeds. Equally spaced around its round torso are four spike protrusions which in an instant can extend to a distance of three feet, monomolecular tips impaling through one or more targets, be they lightly armoured or not. Spaced around these, and well protected from anything which in itself would destroy the drone, are numerous visual sensors and other sensors feeding information to the drones own computer and the central computer (if there is one). The computer in the center of the drone has gone through a significant update, and it is now capable of doing fairly considerable tasks by itself, although a central computer is still preferred. On top of the drone there are two guns, capable of firing ten packets of maser energy every second out of each of them, capable of doing considerable damage – cutting through with their energy and sheer number of packages. The entire top of the drone can rotate, the reavers capable of firing in any direction on a 360 degree arc. The Arachni is designed to be extremely stealthy, invisible because of its Plasmonic coating, and silent because of its anti-sound system.

Statistical Information

Government: Will be available to all organisations, especially peacekeepers

Organisation: Currently NovaCorp, used on ships

Type: Offensive/defensive drone

Class: No-0-01b Arachni

Designer: Ephesus

Manufacturer: NovaCorp

Price: 15,000 KS

Appearance: Spiderlike, four legs on floor, four raised in strike position, four small spikes around the round body, eyes and other sensors hidden behind perfect diamond. Two grievers on the top of the body. It should be noted that the Arachni will never been seen thus in normal circumstances due to the plasmonic coating.

Length: 3 ft.

Width: 3 ft.

Height: 2.5 ft.

Speeds: 90 kph.

Range: Theoretically only limited to the lifespan of the drone. Usually limited to guard duty however.

Lifespan: Lasts five years without maintenance, less if in combat

Weapons Systems

Reaver, twin-linked (2): These two weapons, found on the top of the Arachni, fire ten packets of maser energy a second.

  • Location: On the top of the drone, one on each side
  • Primary purpose: To kill armoured hostiles
  • Secondary purpose: To destroy objects, doors, walls etc.
  • Damage: Moderate. Sufficient to easily kill a armoured man, destroy a normal wall etc.
  • Range: 2250 metres
  • Rate of Fire: Ten packets per second
  • Payload Infinite while batteries are still functioning

Attack Legs (4): These legs are not used to move, but to attack, moving with blinding speed and dealing significant damage with their monomolecular edges.

  • Location: Four equidistant around the body of drone
  • Primary purpose: To maim targets, fight in mêlée
  • Secondary purpose: To climb up walls, break through objects
  • Range: 2 feet
  • Damage: Enough to cut through steel using the diamond-fibre tip
  • Rate of Fire: Two strikes a second for each leg

Spikes (4) : When in rest these look like four inch long spikes on the drones body, however they can instantly shoot out as an up two three foot long retractable, telescopic, spike, with it’s diamond-fibre monomolecular edge dealing significant damage, puncturing through steel and impaling most normal substances and creatures.

  • Location: Four equidistant around the body of drone
  • Primary purpose: To maim targets, fight in mêlée
  • Secondary purpose: Puncture through heavy armour
  • Range: 3 feet
  • Damage: Has enough power to puncture through steel-titanium plates,
  • Rate of Fire: Near instantaneous, half second withdrawal time

Systems descriptions

Armour: Perfect Iron body with Carbon Ring plating. High endurance ceramic coating and interior shock resistant material.

CS gas Capsule: Stored at the bottom of the drones body are three small capsules, each containing pressurized CS gas. When released this gas affects all in the immediate surroundings, and it reacts with the moisture on the skin and eyes, causing a burning sensation and the instinctive and forceful shutting of eyes. Other effects include copious tears, a running nose, burning in the throat and nose, disorientation, dizziness, restricted breathing, severe coughing and vomiting. This capsule is used when the drone doesn’t want to kill the target.

Sensors: The Arachni has reasonable sensors capable of seeing into all of the electro-magnetic spectrums, record extremely sensitive sounds, hear far of conversations, see up to seven miles with precision, detect heart beats, and with some detection detecting neurological activity. New in the Arachni II is a magnetic resonance scanner and radar.

Anti-sound: The Arachni produces antisound for every noise it makes, cancelling it out. This combined with its already near silent nature means it is next to impossible to hear. The antisound effectively is generated by thousands of tiny speakers which detect the noise before it has time to spread to the air, the vibrations in the materials, and releases the corresponding countersound.

Plasmonic shielding: The drone has a plasmonic cover which prevents light from scattering by resonating at the same frequency as the light striking it, thus making it invisible. The theory behind it is more complicated, it includes the fact that when the light strikes the metallic material waves of electrons called plasmons are generated, and in the shield the frequency of plasmons is the same as the frequency of the light hitting it, which cancels each other out, reducing the amount of scattering to such a level that the human eye, or even a Neko can not see it (although a sensor would be confused about the trace scrambling). The same principal works for ultraviolet, radio, micro-save and infrared.

Computer: The Arachni II possess’ a sub-sentient computer system, which has roughly the intellect of a predator with 0.8 Human Intelligence, capable of a certain ruthless cunning. While usually ‘slaved’ to a central computer, it is capable of being commanded of doing relatively simple tasks and being able to do it – more complex tasks it is able to do but tends to take them very litteraly.


Radio: Allows the armours wearer to communicate with other peace enforcers or with central command. It uses quantum state encryption to make sure that it can't be hacked into to and controlled. Laser: For close-range transmissions, it is more difficult for the enemy to intercept, because they have to be in the area of the beam.

OOC Notes

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