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OI-M3-W3304 Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon

The OI-M3-W3304 Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon was designed in YE 33 by Origin Industries to be used as a frame's primary weapon, built for precision use.

About the Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon

Like the OI-M3-W3302 25mm Automatic Gauss Cannon, the LPPC uses two HONEY BURST units for its power. For ammunition, the weapon uses plasma produced by the fusion reactors which is contained and compressed into a firable pulse. Acting as a Designated Marksman's Rifle analog, it's body casing consists of Durandium Alloy reinforced with an internal triangular ADNR lattice so that it may survive harsh impacts and abuse. In order to project the plasma in a coherent manner, the weapon also emits powerful electromagnetic beams in conjunction with the round in order to keep it directed.

Besides these features, the Pulsed Plasma Cannon utilizes a modern, advanced electronic fire control system and a functioning physical trigger for backup. The rifle offers reliability, excellent firepower on a shot to shot basis and higher ammunition capacity to the detriment of affordability.

Nomenclature Information

general information about the LPPC

  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries
  • Name: Light Pulsed Plasma Rifle
  • Nomenclature: OI-M3-W3304
  • Type: Plasma Rifle
  • Role: Marksman's rifle
  • Length: 4 meters


the LPPC is a long, somewhat boxy rifled with a somewhat stylized body. It lacks any sort of magazine and has a simple grip and trigger system with a short stock mounted to the back of it.

Discharge Information

The LPPC is a beam weapon. Range is severely impacted by use in an atmosphere because of atmospheric bloom.

  • Muzzle Flash: A golden-white pulsed beam is produced from this weapon upon firing
  • Effective Range 200,000 Meters 1) in space, 35,000 meters 2) in atmosphere, 15,000 meters 3) at ground level (or until horizon, GM discretion 4) )
  • Rate of Fire: 3 rounds per second
  • Recoil: mild recoil, slightly upward and backward.

Energy Source

The LPPC gets its energy and 'ammunition' from a pair of HONEY BURST fusion reactors.

  • Ammunition Fusion plasma
  • Purpose: Tier 9, Heavy anti-mecha
  • Round Capacity: The weapon will overheat after 20 rounds of continuous fire, and must be vented over a period of 3-6 seconds before functioning again. Theoretically unlimited capacity as long as the reactors provide power.

Weapon Mechanisms

Information on how the LPPC works.

  • Firing Mechanism:At any given time plasma from the fusion reactors is stored in an internal chamber, which can be completely filled 3 times every second. This plasma is then drawn through the barrel and projected into a coherent beam via an electromagnetic pulse which is fired along with the plasma.
  • Loading: The LPPC's fusion reactor fuel supply may be swapped out by opening a panel on the side of the cannon and twisting the fuel tank out of place. Replacement is the opposite of removal. Each fuel supply is enough to run the weapon for roughly 40 operational hours.
  • Safety Mechanism: The LPPC features an electronic safety controlled by the frame's computer.
  • Weapon Sight:The LPPC has an electronic sight which is linked to the frame's computer.


The LPPC is a commercially available primary firearm intended for use by Mechanized frames and similar machines.


Information on pricing for the LPPC

  • Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon: 10,100 KS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • HONEY BURST Double Fuel supply: 500 KS
  • Outer Casing: 1000 KS
  • Barrel and projector assembly: 5000 KS

OOC Notes

Kai created this article on 2018/09/01 19:36.

Approved by Alex Hart on 2018/08/01.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: vehicle mounted
Product NameLight Pulsed Plasma Cannon
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)10 ,100.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 9
200 Kilometers, 124.27 miles
35 kilometers, 21.74 miles
15 kilometers, 9.32
however it's a DMR analog, so with proper positioning it might be able to fire further than the horizon at ground level

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