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OI-M2-W4000 Spider Pack Unit

The OI-M2-W4000 Spider is utility pack designed to use Origin Industries's modular hard point system. Though it can be equipped on a dorsal mount or a lower back mount, it is intended for lower back mounting on personnel class armor, not power armors.(Though it can work for power armors as well). The Spider unit became available in YE 36

Statistical Information

  • Government: N/A
  • Organization: N/A
  • Type: Powered Armor/Suit accessory
  • Class: OI-M2-W4000
  • Designer: Yori Kataoka
  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries
  • Production: Mass Production
  • Price: 3000KS

Damage Capacity

  • Body: 8SP(Armor scale)
  • Shields: 5SP (Threshold 1)


Because the Spider was not designed for use with power armors it is equipped with a simple gravity propulsion system for general use, and small maneuvering thrusters for space.

  • Max Speed:
    • Atmosphere: 100mph
    • Space: 50mph

Power Supply

The Spider runs on a HONEY DROP reactor that supplies more than enough power as the unit does not draw constant power. Constant heavy use can drain the reactor within a day, but normal work use results in replacing the fuel every 3 days.


Mechanical Arms (4)

The spider has 4 mechanical 'arms' roughly a meter and a half long with 3 'fingers' at the end. They were designed similar to the arms of the OI-M2-P3600 Helping Hand but with higher tolerances, each arm able to take up to 1500lbs of pressure before giving out. Though these can be moved liked arms, their primary purpose is to be support legs to fire the Graviton beam at higher strengths without being thrown back.

  • Lifting force: 1000 pounds (Per arm)
  • Max force load: 1500 pounds (per arm)
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel when striking

Graviton Projector Cannon

There is a Graviton projection system attached to the spider unit that functions both as a ranged weapon, as well as a utility device that can move objects in 3 dimensional space. The control force can go all the way up to 4000 pounds. It is advised not to use such force Unless in either a Power armor or with the mechanical arms deployed as stabilizing units Based on OI-W32-1a Magic Hand

  • Primary Purpose: Accurate manuvering Graviton Beam
  • Secondary Purpose: ranged impact weapon
  • Max load: 4000 pounds
  • Damage: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel; does not penetrate (when in weapon mode)
  • Range: 100m (G.Beam mode)| 300m(weapon mode)
  • Rate of Fire: 3 per second (weapon mode)
  • Payload N/A
  • Ammunition energy


The Target Operation EXternal Interference Chip (TOXIC) was designed to increase the wearer's survival rate when dealing with hostiles without the use of conventional weaponry. The chip is a 3cm wide adhesive disc that is deployed from a small rail gun and sticks to a target. The primary function of the chip is to misalign the targeting systems of the victim by sending out several different signal burst. Because the range is small the chip must stay attached to work, to hid this the chip gives a small electric shock on contact to momentarily stun the victim and give off the impression that it is intended to stop the victim through shocking them.

  • Primary Purpose: Misaligning targeting systems
  • Secondary Purpose: Momentary stunning
  • Damage: A stunning electric shock anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds based on armor insulation
  • Duration: 1 minute of targeting system misalignment (stops immediately if chip is removed or damaged)
  • Range: 50meters
  • Rate of Fire: 1 per second
  • Payload 15 disc are loaded into small cylindrical magazines
  • Ammunition 3cm disc

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2014/10/04 15:54 by Syaoran.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessubsystems
Product NameSpider Pack Unit
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Year ReleasedYE 36
Price (KS)3 ,000.00 KS

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