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OI-M2-P3600 Helping Hand

A special backpack design for the Impulse Powered Armor intended for use in the civilian market in situations where 2 arms simply are not enough to get the job done It was designed by Origin Industries in YE 36.

More about OI-M2-P3600 Helping Hand

The Helping Hand was designed in order to improve efficiency in environments where plenty of man power is needed such as construction of mining. There are two arms mounted on the back that are controlled by the armor's Neural monitoring capability. It takes a little getting used to but with only a day of training someone can become proficient in using the extra arms.

The P3600 Helping Hand costs 2,500 KS.

Shield Projectors

The backpack unit contains a basic shield projector system which projects a 3.5 meter bubble around the suit, giving it light protection against both kinetic impact and energy exposure. This shield can deflect many types of small debris, but larger, more powerful objects are likely to penetrate or collapse the shielding.

SP: 5 (Threshold 1)

Power Supply

The P3600 uses a HONEY BURST to provide power. The fusion power source provides power for every system in the suit, with the largest percentage of energy going to the Impulse's AI. The thrusters are also a source of rapid power drain, but can be marginalized by reduced use.


The thruster module integrated into the backpack grants the Impulse Power Armor System the ability to fly, boost while on the ground, and propel itself through space. The thruster module consists of several small nozzles placed around the armor; in vacuum, they function as micro fusion thrusters. In atmosphere, the thruster pack functions by compressing atmospheric gasses and then exciting them into a plasma state, ejecting them from the desired nozzles for propulsion. In space and vacuum, the Impulse has a finite supply of compressed atmospheric gasses to propel itself with. This supply allows the Impulse to move through space for four hours of light movements and only half an hour of vigorous combat maneuvering.

Ground speed: 45 MPH running, 120 MPH boosted. Air speed: 170 MPH (Reduced from the OI-M2-P3100 standard air speed due to instability caused by the back mounted arms.) Zero Atmosphere: .08c

Back Mounted Arms

The backpack has two arms roughly a meter long each that are constructed from a mix of nanomuscles and servos that allow each arm to lift 750lbs independently and hold an object of up to 1200lbs under stress. (System tested under 1g conditions) While the arms are responsive they are not intended for delicate work, and have minimum articulation and only only 3 fingers arranged in a triangular pattern. When not in use the arms can fold at the elbows and lay on the back so they do not hang around. While this does reduce their size it increases the aerodynamic profile and makes flight more unstable at high speeds.

Origin Weapons

The backpack has a proprietary system which may be used in conjunction with ODM. It consists of a retractable cable from the backpack unit that ends with an adapter leading to an IHVC. This tethered power system allows Origin made weapons to have a nearly unlimited supply of energy for ammunition so long as the backpack's fusion power generator is active. This same system may also be used to rapidly recharge Origin's interchangeable high volume capacitors as well. When not in use, the power cable retracts into the body of the backpack unit along with the adapter, which protrudes two inches from the side of the pack for easy access in times of need. There is a total of two cable/adapter units on the backpack, with one on each side.


Though a modification of the standard backpack in order to make room for the arms, two drone slots were removed, leaving only three(3) slots. The drones themselves are mass produced, cheap, disposable and easily replaced. The drones themselves are often sold in blister packs of five units each.

OOC Notes

This is a variant of the standard OI-M2-P3100 Backpack Unit This page was originally created on 2014/03/31 08:27 by Syaoran.

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