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Contacts At Star Army Bases

This page provides a list of contacts at bases of the Star Army of Yamatai.


The Star Army officially began assigning contacts to Star Army Bases in YE 41. Prior to this, it was handled ad-hoc by the commander of each facility. In YE 43, the Star Army began filling these contact positions with Communications Specialists but due to personnel shortages, most bases still had their original contacts as of YE 45.

List of Bases

PicContact PagePageLocationTypeOrganization
Mikaela MaryamuAkarui Star FortressValentineStar FortressThird Fleet
Aquarius Star FortressKoukotsu SystemStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Dakura DakuraBlack Sands Test RangeYamatai (Planet)BaseStar Army Research Administration
Capricorn ModuleShuristaStar FortressStar Army Command
Nakeysha SmallsCentral Fleet DepotCentral UesureyaFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
Chiharu no IoriVeronicaStar FortressSecond Expeditionary Fleet
Chikara StarbaseDaichiStarbaseSecond Expeditionary Fleet
Educational Facility 1Ketsurui no IoriTraining SchoolStar Army Training Administration
Eli DestinElysian Naval ArsenalElysia NovusFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
Fate BastionShugosha IBastionFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Filippa Kjell FreyasdottirFort AsuraAsura IIIBaseStar Army Rikugun
Fort GaranchouSX-05Frontier StarportSecond Expeditionary Fleet
Nakamaru MihoFort HajimeKotori SystemBaseStar Army Training Administration
Fort HankouRonica (Planet)BaseStar Army Training Administration
Fort IngestrieTatianaBaseStar Army Training Administration
Sperantia Inge EilertsFort Minori Reserve CenterNatariaReserve CenterStar Army Reserve
Savannah LandryFort NozomiGashmereBaseStar Army Rikugun
Fort OharaOharaSpace StationFirst Fleet
Mack BradyFort PhaetonMurfFrontier StarportFourth Fleet
Helene Silje AlfredsdottirFort ReadyNatariaBaseStar Army Training Administration
Erin RagdollFort ShizukaValentineBaseThird Fleet
Fort ShotouDaichiBaseSecond Expeditionary Fleet
Daniela SummerFort TokyoJiyuu IIIBaseFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Eileifr O CuanaFort Victory Reserve CenterKyotoReserve CenterStar Army Reserve
Ellie VixxGemini Star FortressJiyuu SystemStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Ghost Star FortressNatariaStar FortressSecond Fleet
Himitsu Star FortressStar FortressSeventh Fleet
Hotaru Star FortressStar FortressSeventh Fleet
Cora AllenIrim's CityYamatai Star SystemStar FortressFirst Fleet
Rika BolonoJiyuu Fleet DepotJiyuu IIIFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
Blanche TepesKetsurui no IoriKetsurui no IoriBaseStar Army Research Administration
Jezzabel LaurenstKetsurui Star FortressYamatai Star SystemStar FortressFirst Fleet
Legacy Bastion (Katsuko no Iori)Gensou SystemStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Leo Star FortressAsura SystemStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Libra Star FortressDaichiStar FortressSecond Expeditionary Fleet
Luna BiancaYamatai Star SystemStar Army Engineering
Yi Hye-SeongNataria Fleet DepotNatariaFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
Nemesis BastionSiren IBastionFirst Expeditionary Fleet
Pisces StationXylarStar FortressSeventh Fleet
Rikugun Base FujikoFujikoRikugun BaseStar Army Rikugun
Rikugun UniversityUkmirtTraining SchoolStar Army Training Administration
Rachel WooferSakura Fleet DepotScrapyard SystemFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
Veridia AquilaeScorpio Star FortressKetsurui NebulaStar FortressStar Army Research Administration
Wambui Adaeze BabatundeSpirit CityTaloriStar FortressFourth Fleet
Star Army AcademyTaniaTraining SchoolStar Army Training Administration
Star Army MuseumNatariaMuseumStar Army Logistics
Aera MarenTaurus Star FortressTsuyosaStar FortressFourth Fleet
Uesureyan FieldsUesureyan FieldsBaseStar Army Logistics
Stella GlassUesureyan FortressKyotoRecruiting CenterStar Army Personnel Command
Virginia Fleet DepotVirginiaFleet DepotFirst Fleet
Hedvig MuellerVirgo Star FortressSamurai SectorStar FortressThird Fleet

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