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Black Sands Test Range

Black Sands Test Range is a Star Army of Yamatai facility located in Western Uesureya on the coast of the Ash Bay on planet Yamatai. The name “Black Sands” comes from its volcanic beaches that have black sand. It is currently commanded by Healfdene Hallvardson, a Chujo.

Black Sands is used as:


Originally built by PNUgen Corporation, Black Sands is one of the oldest Star Army of Yamatai facilities and is where SARA conducted experiments to improve the Nekovalkyrja after the fall of PNUgen Corporation, as well as weapons testing for power armor such as the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor and small arms like the GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle.

The Fuushigi no Umi-class Escort YSS Black Sands (YF-95), originally GSS Black Sands (GF-95), was named for this location. It participated in Operation Bloody Shield.

In YE 30, Jadg Wolf worked at Black Sands where he and his Kodian partner Karl Hadgard assisted with the training of Ghi To1).

Koga Akemi was trained here around YE 33. Also in YE 33, Mikael Harris was transferred to Black Sands for training before joining the YSS Aeon's crew.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Yamatai, firefighters from Black Sands were dispatched to provide emergency services to Port Xenn2).


Located along the black sand beaches and inward into the rainforest, the sprawling grounds Black Sand Test Range contain training areas and military buildings. Underground, there is a massive former PNUgen biological research and development complex tunneled deep into the earth. It is a heavily secretive location and is closed to the public.

Notable Facilities


Black Sands has a rail line that goes directly to the Central Fleet Depot in Central Uesureya.


The population of Black Sands is over 90% Nekovalkyrja and is entirely military personnel.


Dakura Dakura is the primary secretary for this base.

Dakura Dakura


Here's an automatic list of all characters currently in this place (based on structured data from their character pages).

Dakura DakuraCommunications SecretaryFemaleNekovalkyrja
Dokusei KaoriScience OfficerFemaleNekovalkyrja
Aidan BuchananIntelligenceMaleMinkan
Initzio BaroneIntelligence OperativeMaleMinkan
Silas VolkerIntelligence OperativeMaleAbwehran

These Star Army of Yamatai characters are currently assigned to Black Sands Test Range:

RP Opportunities

Black Sands is best known for being a location for training and testing. It is a place where characters might be able to handle prototype weapons and power armor, or meet elite soldiers from Star Army Infantry or SAINT.

Local Rumors

  • The original PNUgen labs here have spaces that the Star Army has sealed off for safety.

Notable Stockpiles

OOC Notes

Wes has mentioned that Black Sands name is inspired by White Sands Missile Range. Some real life black sand beaches can be found in places such as Punalu'u Beach, Hawaii.

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