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Territories of the Yamatai Star Empire

This page lists star systems and other holdings of the Yamatai Star Empire (Starmap).

Flag of Yamatai

The population of each system is listed in parenthesis (OOC: subject to adjustment). SP = counts toward starship production.

New Automatic List

#FlagPagePlace NameDescriptionPopulation
1AhmarAhmarFormer home system of the Seelie
2AhrbegAhrbegFormer home system of the Sangriat125,000
3AkeAkeOrigin Industries hub system
4Akina SystemAkina SystemHome of the Norians of Tsenlan and a System in the Yamatai Star Empire.530,200,000
5AlbiniAlbiniFormer home system of the Albinians and ocean planet
6Anisa SystemAnisaCore Yamataian system with terraformed forest & farm world980,000,000
8Asura SystemAsuraPopulous former UOC system relatively untouched by the Second Mishhuvurthyar War
9AyanoAyanoAyano is the last system in the area of space known as the the Lonely Expanse. The capital planet is the Ayano. It is a tropical water planet.958
10Daichi SystemDaichi
11Essia SystemEssia
12FujikoFujikoA resource rich system, it became the Nepleslian Red homeworld after their loss of Kennewes in late YE 29. Fujiko is an industrial world with massive factories located in the cold temperate tundras and mountainous terrain.11,507,000
13Gensou SystemGensou System
14Hici'emi SystemHici'emi
15Jiyuu SystemJiyuu SystemThe Capital System of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.1,400,000,000
17KilnarKilnarKilnar is considered the nicest star system in the Bard Cluster
18Kotoku SystemKotokuThe Kotoku System is home to 30,000 Yugumo Corporation Employees.30,000
19Kotori SystemKotori
20Koukotsu SystemKoukotsu310,030,330
22MiuMiuA strategic and central trading hub between major locations and governments. The middle of Shimizu Clan territory.1,751,387
24MwigflukbajikMwigflukbajikFirst Mishhuvurthyar War battle site
25NatariaNataria SystemThe Nekovalkyrja Homeworld6,200,000,000
26New Vicky (UX-19)New Vicky
27Nyli SystemNyli
28YC-04-Proclycon SystemProclycon SystemA System without planets, but becomes a hub for farming in the Kosuke Sector.
29RufuslandRufuslandResource rich system around a red dwarf star. The close proximity of the planets to the star make the inner planets very geologically active, but very rich in mineral and chemical wealth.2,609,521
30Sharie SystemSharie SystemThe Sharie System. Temporary HUB of the Colonization Initiative in the Kosuke Sector.10,000,000,000
31Shugosha SystemShugoshaFormer UOC system; 9 planets, Torimodosu Belt
32ShuristaShuristaMobile megastructure, actual location varies2,750,000,000
33Siren SystemSiren SystemImportant resource-rich system
37Tami SystemTamiTami is a sparsely populated star system in the Yamatai Star Empire with one habitable forest planet of the same name.1,283,529
38tange_flag.jpgTange SystemTangeThe Tange System is located in the Misato's Passage of the Ayumi Nebula.
42Ushobrakflug SystemUshobrakflug Ushobrakflug is a system of just a single colonized planet, Onigashima, and is the home-system of the Dai Oni species of yamatai. The Ushobrakflug system is a major exporter of agricultural, foodstuff, and textile products. It is the home-base for yamatais' Legion-V120,000,000
48Yamatai Star SystemYamataiCapital system and core of the Yamatai Star Empire
49YicuqibuYicuqibuMinor Yamataian industrial star system
50Yuujou SystemYuujouA lonely system in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, part of the Yamatai Star Empire.0
    ∑ 22,337,402,725

Core Systems

These systems are the heart of the Yamatai Star Empire.

  1. Albini (300,000)
  2. Anisa System (327 million) - The Breadbasket of Yamatai
  3. Essia System (2.34 million) - The Separa'Shan Homeworld
  4. Gashmere (2.507 billion) - The Kodian Homeworld
  5. Nataria (over 12 million) - “The Nekovalkyrja Homeworld”
  6. Ohara (7.2 billion) - The Phodian Homeworld
  7. Tami System (1.284 million)
  8. Tatiana (379 million)
  9. Ushobrakflug System (120 Million)
  10. Yamatai Star System (over 10 billion people)

This area also includes the The Kohana Cloud and Halna, which is in YSE territory but is an independent colony.

Elysian Suzerainty

These systems are apart of the Elysian Celestial Empire, which is a suzerainty of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Bard Cluster

The Bard Cluster is the region of space Southeast of the core. It was originally colonized by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and later overrun by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX). Yamatai has now regains these star systems and is recolonizing them under the vigilant eye of the Fourth Fleet.

  1. Ahmar (50,000)
  2. Ahrbeg (125,000)
  3. Akina System (530,200,000)
  4. Kotori System (6.37 million; formerly called Goumon) (SP)
  5. Kilnar (9.3 million)
  6. Mevar (325,000)
  7. Talori (1,500)

The bard cluster also contains the Taiie Nebula, the remnants of the Taiie system.

The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector

Military Sectors

These Military Sectors controlled by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Samurai Military Sector

A fortified section of space containing the Samurai Sector.

  1. Fujiko (2 million)
  2. Jun (50,000)
  3. Rufusland (250,000)
  4. Valentine (2,000,000)
  5. Vicky (50,000)
  6. Virginia (36,511,000)

Ketsurui Military Sector

The Ketsurui Military Sector contains most of the UX Series Star Systems.

  1. Himiko System (UX-14)
  2. Hanako's Star (209 million)
  3. Oum (UX-25) “Eastern Watchtower” / Military Garrison

Veronica Military Sector

The Veronica Cluster is located adjacent to the Samurai Sector.

  1. Veronica 10,500,000 (SP)

Saiki Cluster

  1. SX-03 (0)
  2. SX-04 Daichi 17,000,000 (SP)
  3. SX-06 (0)
  4. SX-07 (0)

Other Systems

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