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Yamatai (Planet)

Yamatai is the homeworld of the Yamatai Star Empire and is inhabited by over 20 billion people. It is located in the Yamatai Star System. It was formerly called Geshrintall.

Planet Yamatai

Background and History

Yamatai, known then as Geshrintall, was first settled over 1,000 years ago by ancient interstellar humanoids traveling on starships that came from Planet Nepleslia. As civilization developed on the planet, the computers from their starships became increasingly potent and sentient, eventually laying claim to the southern islands and creating AvaNet, a society of artificial beings who became to be revered as gods.

Eventually, as different factions struggled for control of the planet, total war broke out, resulting in a horrible plague that wiped out most of the animal life on the planet. The Geshrin are recovering, but the majority of Yamatai's population is now made up of Nekovalkyrja.

After AvaNet left the Planet in YE 21, Empress Ketsurui Yui renamed the planet from Geshrintall to Yamatai.

Yamatai Surface Map

  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Stellar Radius: 1.12 AU from star
  • Surface Gravity: 0.95 G
  • Length of Day: 24 hours
  • Length of Year: 315 days

Cities and RP Locations

Map of Yamatai

Automated List

Satoh Doeringu (Satoh Apartments)A apartment located in Reikan Park
HimeshimaA small fishing village in the Sea of Caitel, it was heavily damaged in the Battle of Yamatai.
RaltA small hamlet on the way north to the Temple of the Stars, this freezing village is known for its hospitality.
WinsonvilleA “ghost city”, supposedly inhabited by spirits.
Educational Facility 1Basic training camp
Fort Victory Reserve CenterBasic training camp & reserve center
JskitaBazaar city where the desert meets the rainforest
GeshrinopolisCapital of Geshrintall; destroyed in YE 24
Ice Queen Mountains Test Range ComplexFormer PNUgen facility
VelaGateway to the plains and equestrian hub
Ketsurui no IoriHome of the Ketsurui Clan.
Central UesureyaHuge manufacturing and storage city
KyotoMegacity capital of Yamatai and the Yamatai Star Empire.
Port XennNamed after a famous ancient space warrior, Port Xenn is a western seaport on the Ash Bay.
TsubomiOrphanage city built after the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33
Uesureyan FortressRecruiting center & ancient castle once headquarters of Army of Uesureya
ShingōShingō is a small village in the foothills of the Ice Queen Mountains.
Central Fleet DepotStar Army Logistics hub in Central Uesureya
NataliaThe City of Portals in Yamatai's North
YumiukiThe jungle city with beautiful beaches
Reikan ParkYamatai's embassy park and international relations conference center
Uesureyan FieldsYamatai's largest starport

Old List

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  • Aomori: home of the The Snowdrop Hotel and Bar
  • Ash Bay: A body of water in western Yamatai, surrounded by beaches covered in black sand. Commonly used as a testing area by Star Army Research Administration.
  • Black Sands: Volcanic rock has made the beach here as dark as soot. On the Ash Bay, this is the home of a former PNUgen Test Range now run by Ketsurui Fleet Yards under SARA for mecha testing. See Black Sands Test Range.
  • Castle Anisa: Ruins of a castle. The ISS Anisa, an ancient battleship, is supposedly buried under the castle, making part of the basement levels. The castle has a main keep which is connected to a large courtyard section via the kitchens and dining hall. The library is held in a massive circular tower attached to the courtyard area. The whole structure is surrounded by an impressive moat.
  • Central Uesureya: Huge manufacturing and storage city. Above ground, there are tall skyscrapers and giant warehouses. Below ground, ancient manufacturing complexes snake together to from a network of mechanical catacombs. An avatar computer is somewhere underground.
  • Desoto
  • Drake
  • Francesca
  • Himeshima a small fishing village in the Sea of Caitel, it was heavily damaged in the Battle of Yamatai.
  • Jskita: Where the Jhuniata meets the Rainforest, this isthmus city is the gate to the east. Known for its merchants.
  • Ketsurui no Iori: Home of the Ketsurui Clan.
  • Kyoto: The newly-built capital of Yamatai and the Yamatai Empire.
  • Lorrheim: Home of the rare Lorrfolk, an ashen ancient city.
  • Malifar: This city lies at the southeast corner of the Jhuniata Desert
  • Mezerit: In the northeast part of the main continent, it is a mid-size civilian city.
  • Natalia: An ancient planetary defense and infantry base, Natalia is also called the City of Portals.
  • Neta: Overlooking the Sea of Coriolis, the Castle of Neta still stands today.
  • Norfrost: The frozen Northern island known for its beautiful sunrises/sunsets; mysterious clans of troll and the Temple of the Frozen Maiden.
  • Port Xenn: Named after a famous ancient space warrior, Port Xenn is a western seaport on the Ash Bay.
  • Ralt: A small hamlet on the way north to the Temple of the Stars, this freezing village is known for its hospitality.
  • Shiro Suzume: “White Sparrow Castle” is the lakeside home of the Danko Clan and its samurai.
  • Tania: A peaceful city, inhabited by Geshrin civilians. To the east lies the old castle of Karen's lookout.
  • Teisenjou: home to the first Ge-P2-1a - Suribashi-Class Space Elevator site and headquarters to the Tamahagane Corporation. It is located in the heart of the Vela prefecture.
  • Trisylvania: Home to many elves and so-called wild humans, this deep, dark forest was originally populated with the released slaves taken from other worlds. The huge forest separates Pagoda no Uesu and Ketsurui no Iori. The forest contains mostly evergreen trees, in thick groves. Most travel through the region is done using trails. The homes of the inhabitants are usually in small groups, spread out in the woods. Is is extremely foggy throughout the woods. The occupants are known to become rather upset when visitors attempt to cut down a tree, so do not do so. There are some mages who live in the forest who claim that there is an invisible magic arc that flickers between the magical dead-zones of Pagoda no Uesu. and Ketsurui no Iori.
  • Tsubomi: The orphanage city built after the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33
  • Uesureyan Fields: A massive starport and military base, east of Central Uesureya
  • Whitmon
  • Winsonville: A “ghost city”, supposedly inhabited by spirits.
  • Xiuluria: A beautiful Elven city, once capital of the Republic of Xiuluria.
  • Yumiuki: A city in the heart of the eastern rainforest.
  • Zen
  • 5,000 Refugee Towns (no longer in service)

Resources: Vast forests, water, titanium, gold, oxygen


  • Hell is an underground nation in the west of Yamatai.


See: Traveling Around Planet Yamatai

In YE 34 a network of twenty-four EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite that were donated by the Tamahagane Corporation.

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