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This little village is located on a small island of the same name, in the western Sea of Caitel. At the time of the battle the population of the village was 1,839. The majority of the inhabitants were fishermen, while many of the families also worked in the community farm. The island was created by long extinct volcano giving the island a very fertile soil.

Being so far from any of the large landmasses the inhabitants were used to taking care of themselves. For the tropical storms they created a series of storm shelters in the side of the mountain.

This remote fishing village was devastated in the Battle of Yamatai. When a large chunk of Hoshi no Iori fell into the ocean west of it. The resulting 100 meter tsunami swept over the island. The entire village was reduced to shattered timber. 619 members of the village died when their storm shelter was overwhelmed by the tsunami and drowned. Their power and water complexes were left in a state of ruin.

With the damage to large cities on the mainland, it was more than week before the plight of the villagers of Himeshima became known.


Takekumori home of the Shinja Clan, took it upon itself to help the islanders. They donated the lumber from their lumber yard, and many of the clan members in the Star Army of Yamatai donated their savings to aid in the recovery.

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