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Shinja Clan

Shinja clan calls the village of Takekumori its home, located at the base of Urufutake (Wolf Mountain). Takekumori has a population of about 1,200 Yamataians in about 350 families living in it. The village is home to the Shinja clan. Takekumori is surrounded by a deciduous forest. Shinja is a small clan with approximately 150 families that carry the name. The clan has a long history of service on Yamatai (Planet). The majority of the members are artisans, teachers and healers. The Clan fosters a strong sense of patriotism in its members, and encourages its young people to perform a period of public service. Clan members traditionally pay at 10% tithe of their annual income to support the village.

Shinja Clan Symbol


The clan operates a small Black Wolf Winery that produces an assortment of wines. They donate a portion of their annual production to Ketsurui Clan and the Star Army of Yamatai.

The clan also operates a wood working shop. Some of its products include custom tables and chairs, carvings, and intricate woodworking.

Shinja style

The Shinja fighting style is which resembles Aikido. All members of the clan learn the clan fighting style which favors controlling an aggressor in non harmful ways.

Notable Clan Members

Shinja Fujita Shinja Noriko Shinja Rika

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