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Jskita is an important trading city on Yamatai (Planet). It is part of Jhuniata Prefecture and sits at the border with the Yumi Prefecture at the isthmus separating the Jhuniata Desert with the rainforests of Yumi. It is known for its huge bazaar and breathtaking views of the desert1). Jskita is home of the Tanaka Clan2).


Historically the Jskita Medical Institute was one of the foremost centers of medical learning on Yamatai.

In YE 27, Emrys Industries opened a store in Jskita and also an Indian restaurant3)4).

In YE 33, Jskita was mostly destroyed in Battle of Yamatai5)6). Over 70% of structures were destroyed in fires7).

In YE 34, refugees from Jskita stayed in Ternifac following the battle8).


Jskita has a huge bazaar featuring merchants selling everything from food to household goods9).


Jskita is the junction of a major rail line:

  • to the North is Neta (use for Ralt and Mezerit)
  • to the West is Ternifac (use for traveling to central Yamatai e.g. Kyoto)
  • to the East is Yumiuki.
  • to the South is Malifar

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