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Danko Clan

Danko Clan, located at Shiro Suzume Castle, is a small yet growing group of samurai formed in YE 39 that sought a path away from the samurai clan that they were a part of that was tainted by the bad blood of the Shadow Vipers. This clan was formed by a samurai once named Namida which means tears in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž) that has changed her name to Kuro, meaning black. She is a head strong former member of the Ketsurui samurai. Their weapon of choice, given to a samurai after completion of training, is the Kusarigama.

More about Danko Clan

Danko has a meaning of being dogged and determined, firm and resolute in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž). It is still unknown to many communities and the like. Despite that, there are whisperings of the clans forming within the Ketsurui clan, though the Danko Clan doesn't pull from the Ketsurui Clan purposefully or almost even willingly. They would rather find those that want to be a part of the Danko Clan for their own reasons and not those of the clan, either. The goals of the clan are simple ones, such as to create kata, form their own warrior's path, and create their own style and form of martial art within samurai culture.

Below are their inherent goals:

  • Practice the martial arts that are lesser known but still gaining in popularity
  • Not abandon the practices and teachings of the past
  • Forge a future along the budo
  • Create a new style of martial art and training regime for a newly minted form
  • Integrate Ninjutsu and Neju Koyu specifically into the way


They wear white yukata and black hakama with golden geta and black jika. Their hair, if long, is not let loose but worn back in a ponytail or in a bun, sometimes decorated with lethal kanzashi. When in direct battle the non-upgraded Neko of the clan will wear Kusari, chain armor.


They usually are armed with their new weapons that were made custom but not those given to them by their previous clan. They have gotten their own craftsman made katana, wakizashi, kusarigama. They are predominantly known for their use of the kusarigama or sickle and chain.

OOC Notes

Character art by Ika-Hime and castle art by Banzz.

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