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Vela is a city on Yamatai (Planet), located in the Vela Prefecture at the base of the Vela Mountains. Known as the β€œgateway to the plains,” it is the regional capital.


Vela was established prior to YE 01.

In YE 42, Star Army Special Acquisitions brought a thousand riding Horses and a thousand war horses, all of extremely fine stock, to a special ranch near Vela to help set up a Star Army horse husbandry facility. Ahn Ha-neul arranged for some 300 saddles from a salvage swap meet to be donated to the ranch from the Central Fleet Depot.


Vela is a sprawling city of over a million people. Most buildings are made of bricks and are 3 stories tall. It has an β€œold time” feel to it.

Vela is known for being the equestrian center of planet Yamatai, and has many farms, stables, and horse parks for professional, recreational, and military horse riding. Horse-drawn carriages are a common sight in the downtown areas as well, both for giving tours to tourists and for local deliveries. This also gives the city an ever-present aroma of horse excrement in some places.

Other major industries in the area include mining in the Vela mountains (the city has hundreds of shops selling minerals from amethyst quartz to zussmanite), wheat farming, alcohol brewing and distilling, and candymaking.



Vela has cargo and passenger rail service connecting it to Uesureyan Fields (use this for Kyoto and Central Uesureya) and Teisenjou City.

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