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The Pangalactic Chophouse of Waffles (Pan-CHOW)

Pan-CHOW is an galactic chain of all-day diners located all across the sector. It's known for having low prices, questionable sterile decor, and a variety of comfort foods of variable quality. It's the sort of place where all sorts hang out, although at predictable times of day: the morning families, the lunch rush of businessfolk and workers, the dinner rush of travelers, and of course the past-midnight crowd of people who have made terrible choices.

โ€œWe at the Pangalactic Chophouse of Waffles wish nothing but to provide the best meals at low prices at any time of day, and hope that all guests leave happy and satisfied with their meal and service.โ€


Pan-CHOW started as a twinkle of a dream in a Nepleslian's eye, who founded the business and was subsequently shot by his manager. The manager quickly expanded and brought the company public, and was subsequently shot himself. Now there is only a board of directors and a succession of short-lived CEOs as the company makes its first big expansions across the galaxy in YE 37.

By YE 44, Pan-CHOW had actually managed to expand into Yamatai some, setting up in Nepleslian population centers and also on some Star Army bases.


They can be found in virtually any publicly accessible space, but are seen on space stations the most. Being a Nepleslian company, they have the strongest presence in their space, with Yamatai and Lorath holdings following closely after. On Lor, since the name sounds vaguely Yamataian, they go by Galactic Waffle. They have a mascot for the company named โ€œPan - The Waffle Galโ€,

The menu mostly consists of various breakfast items and fried foods, and some combination thereof. Theres also questionable โ€œfancyโ€ food such as steak and fois gras. Do not eat the fois gras. Regardless, all items on the menu are served at all hours of the day. They also have a cabinet behind the server stand labeled โ€œThe Strongest Thing We Have,โ€ and containing the strongest alcohol they are legally allowed to serve.

OOC Notes

Moogle created this article on 2015/11/28 19:27.

Wes added art he generated on Midjourney (AI) software using his commercial license.

Other names suggested by Lamb are as follows: PHOW, the House of Waffles; Ralph's Hash n' Stash; The Bacon Station; Pancake Box; Williamson's Home for Retired Bagels; Chophouse 7; Last Week's Hashโ€ฆ and more to come if neccesary

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