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The Snowdrop Hotel and Bar

The Snowdrop Hotel and Bar is located on Yamatai (Planet), in the Aomori area on the sea. It caters to any clientele, but is particularly popular with Star Army of Yamatai officers. The Hotel and the Restaurant are two separate structures, so both can still face the beach. A receiving area and small landing pad face away from the ocean, as well as the entrance to underground parking for those bringing personal vehicles.

A common theme of winter runs throughout both establishments, playing on the name of the surrounding area of Aomori despite its tropical climate. Guests will see many different references to the snow from several cultures, but the most prominent tend to be Yamataian in origin.

The Bar And Restaurant

The Snowdrop was one of the more classy feeling establishments. It hosted an array of customers who wanted to be able to talk and hear each other, in contrast to the more rowdy places a large portion of locals favoured. There were two entrances, one to the beach and one towards the hotel. Darker woods, mostly resembling the finish of mahogany and cherry wood adorned the bar, but the rest was more like it's name. Neat metal trims were around many of the tables, the majority set into plush booths with white or glacier blue tops, and cushions with designs of snowdrifts or other winter patterns etched onto the tables. Several had views of the sea, and Miyako arrived in time to be early, too anxious not to be since Kogayane-Taisa had said she would be there. The staff was dressed in darker colors of winter, to give the appearance they were animals or sprites to the keen eye as they darted between tables. Leaving her bag at the door with the hostess, she patted the egg in her pocket to remind herself she hadn't lost it. β€œIs Kogayane-Taisa here? If not I'd like a quiet table with a view if there is one, please?”

To avoid waiting, reservations to the Snowdrop Restaurant should be made in advance, but they will see you at the bar any time day or night. From the hours of 0500hrs-1000hrs expect to see very little traffic here. All courses are served from the restaurant, they understand how important it is to serve their customers needs at any hour when they don't want to use room service or are passing through. The decoration at the bar is more subdued than that of the restaurant, and it's long enough where two bartenders can both tend to their customers depending on the hour. Guests are reminded to leave a tip if they intend to return.

Booths dot both levels of the restaurant, the upstairs is smaller than the lower floor, but offers superior views of the beach and ocean and even more quiet reception. Customers often come for the quiet atmosphere combined with what else there is offered. The booths are decorated in whites and blues, blending in with the surroundings and setting the theme for art on the walls and tables. The wait staff is comprised chiefly of sprites, who are constantly aware of any specials, or what to recommend. The food is a bit pricey, expect to spend 150KS per couple or more depending on what you order. Fresh seafood and imported foods are included in the menu.

The Hotel

Continuing on the chilly theme, the main Lobby has three entrances, and access to all of the elevators. The structure is 20 floors high, the top is where some of the more expensive group suites are. These contain one moderate sized bathhouse styled room, four to five personal suites with king sized beds, and a terrace outside to watch the stars with. Exterior lights may be dimmed, but the outer rooms come with wrap around windows that opaque when needed. A key card to the private elevators are required to gain entrance to these suites. A small bar remains in one corner of the main room.

The regular suites can be found on all but the bottom three floors, and generally share the same qualities as their more expensive counterparts. The bathrooms are smaller, but still quite large as things go and have multi-headed shower stalls with space for at least three, four at a tight fit. A small jacuzzi is in place of the bathtub, room for the same. One king size bed rests as the centerpiece to the main room, and the windows may be opened into the air if guests do not check in with small children.

The standard rooms contain queen sized beds, either one or two depending on the guest's desire. The bathroom is standard and combines a shower and deep bath as one so at least one person could soak.

All rooms have entertainment centers, but do not have a sofa as the more expensive suites do. There is one terminal in each suite or above, and several in the multi-person units. Standard amenities apply, and for the two best types of rooms mini bars and refrigerators are a standard.

There are discounts available for YSA members, which depend on season and vacancy at time of reservation.

Other Costs

Service Cost
Standard Room150KS/Night
Group Suites500KS/Night
Room ServiceVaries
Personal Massage60KS/Hour + tip


Roleplaying spot, south of the equator at the resort city of Aomori.

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