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2XF Depot

The Second Expeditionary Fleet depot is for the production and storage of supplies used by the forces within the 2XF. It falls under the control of the 2XF Logistics.

2XF Logo


Starship Storage

Another responsibility of the Depot is to store/maintain ships that are waiting for crews, or ships that have been decommissioned but are not in salvage status.


The Depot is responsible for salvaging damaged and or crippled warships for useful components, and then recycling the materials themselves. The Depot is prepared to work on the following:

  • Battle damaged ships beyond repair
  • Damaged vehicles and equipment

The following ships are being prepared for tranfers to Libra Star Fortress and Chiharu no Iori for overhaul and upgraded as part of the 2XF Combat force against the Kuvexian Military.

Heitan 1B Class

Other Assets

OOC Notes

Article by Nashoba.

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