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:!: WARNING!This is an archived plot, and the information kept here is for your reference.

ISC Phoenix - Volume 1

A civilian ship captained by Luca Pavone, a Star Army veteran and former member of the YSS Goban crew.

Phoenix in Roleplay

The Phoenix was currently running here. It was run by Luca. The Plot's major focus is on action with a comedic twinge in some parts. Although, anything could happen on this ship, literally. The Phoenix plot began prior to October 04, 2007 (it was on the previous forum).

Where do I sign up?

:!: HEY! We are not looking for members.

Apologies, but the ISC Phoenix is unable to take any new entries at the moment.

Current Crew Members

Luca Pavone Robert Raggleton Zeta Five Vincienzo Bortelli Uriel Hisshana Naoko Aihara Matthew Smith

Name Rank Status Played by… Role Codename YIM Theme Song
Luca Pavone Joker Active Luca Captain Wolf luca_s_pavone “Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC”
Robert Raggleton 9-Spades Active Nevaron Melee Lizard youthauthor“In the End” by Linkin Park
Zeta Five 7-Spades Active ShotJon Bodyguard Bulldog n/a “Another one bites the dust - Queen”
Vincienzo Bortelli 7-Clubs Active Lamb Rogue Hamster n/a Pitbull Terrier, No Smoking Orchestra
Seiren Isbala 5-Diamonds Active Moogle Technician Mole n/a n/a
Uriel Hisshana 5-Spades Active Blackbird Lore Psychiatrist Lion n/a n/a
Mr. Smith 5-Diamonds Active CadetNewb Tech Sentry Penguin n/a n/a

Inactive Members

The players for these characters are currently not present, and their characters have been reassigned to domestic duty and other background tasks, or NPC things.

Name Rank Status Played by… Role Codename YIM Theme Song
Cranebeinn Themisto Jack-Hearts Inactive Themisto (Mad) Chef Crane n/a
Jimothi Trakk Jack-Hearts Inactive Zephyrite Medic Tiger zephyrite_light “Good Day - Tally Hall”
Vincent O'Malley 9-Spades Active TeslaTornado Fire Support/Demolitions Rhino n/a “Black Label- Lamb of God”

NPC Crewmembers

These crew members are under the GM's direct control.

Name Rank Role Codename Eyes Skin Hair Possessions Theme Song Identifying Traits
John Morris Jack-Diamonds Mechanic/Pilot Buzzard Turquoise Fair/Pale Brown, Messy Zen Arms .45, Toolbag “Disconnect the Dots - Smash Mouth” Pervert, Has porn stash
Peter 3-Hearts Platypus Platypus Black Pink Brown, Fur Poison Sting Cute!
Anna Pavone Queen-Hearts Domestic Medic Slate Olive Brown, Short Medical Equipment Concerned. Keeps base in order
Sebastian Pavone King-Diamonds Quartermaster/Admin Big Bad Wolf Brown Tanned Black/Grey, Balding, Bearded 6 shot .44 Revolver “Main Theme - Metal Gear Solid 3” Possibly Retired, also provides training.
Melissa Jones 9-Spades Sniper/Builder Swallow Blue Fair Black, Ponytail GP-1 Assault Rifle, Zen Arms .45, Toolbag Calls everyone she disagrees with “Wanker”
Allison Kelly 5-Diamonds Technician Gopher Red Fair, freckles Red, Scruffy NSP , Toolbag Busybody
Echelon 5-Diamonds/Clubs Freespacer Machine Machine Glowing Red Metal Hair does not grow on metal Super Demon (Used as body) Stowaway

A complete list of Phoenix related NPC's is being compiled here.

Former Members

These characters have withdrawn from the ISC Phoenix.

Name Rank Status Played by… Role Codename YIM Theme Song
Laeliel 3 Holidaying David Unknown n/a itkatsu_kiyoko n/a
Valo 3 Returned to DIoN Driker Robot/AI n/a driker18 n/a
Arin Berelai 7 Returned to NAM Fian Technical Pack Rat spirit_arrow “Heart of Air” in ZoE2
Michio Kano 9 Drunken Wreck Zakalwe Combat/Tactician Viper osu_kiai
Jolokia "Wind" Nyezeh Fyunnen 3 Admitted to Intensive Care Revolver Test Driver n/a coyote_revolver n/a
Hitori Sasorix 9 Freed from the Past Fay Infiltrator Raven krusemh “Recycled Air - Postal Service”
Whispering Trees “Panther” 5 Put Out Scot Assassin Panther n/a n/a
Daxle Demalier - Greased Frost Medic n/a n/a n/a
Naoko Aihara 5-Spades Gone, but not Forgotten Gallant Electronics Waif Prophet Cat n/a n/a

Crew Rank Structure

The Rank Structure of the Phoenix is based on Playing Cards in the Spades Suit. Different suits may be used if the Phoenix expands to a large scale.

Card Suits and Rankings

  • Spade - People in the Spades Suit are usually thrown facefirst into combat (with their own legs), and usually come out unscathed. Spades also overlap with leadership roles when other suits are involved.
  • Diamonds - Those in the Diamond Suit are responsible for making sure supplies are bought, managed and maintained. They also have an overlap with the mechanical aspects of the ship, such as keeping it running and inventing gadgetry.
  • Hearts - The Hearts suit is required to be able to look out for your fellow crewman. This is usually done by keeping them fed, watered, patched up and happy.
  • Clubs - Unfittingly, the Clubs' job is to put a good face on the Phoenix brand, manage information and intel. They are also responsible for representing Luca when he cannot properly represent himself. (A mercifully rare occurrence.)
Overall Spades Diamonds Hearts Clubs
Joker (Admiral) The Ultimate Badass
Ace (Commodore) One Man Army The Resourceful The Provider Spymaster
King/Queen (Captain) Walking Tank Industrious Reanimator Cunning Linguist
Jack (First Mate) Bullet Cyclone Quartermaster Doctor in the House Lawyer
9 (Senior Member) Bullet Biter Gearhead Supreme Tested Surgeon Boardroom Battler
7 (Member) Bullet Hitter Gearhead Improvised Surgeon Honest Face
5 (Junior Member) Bullet Spitter Gear Spinner Organ Gatherer Trickster
3 (Helper) Bullet Counter Shelf Stacker Bandage Carrier PR Stuntman

The above nicknames were 'appropriate', according to Mr. Pavone, in spite of being subject to some revision.


Currently, the ISC Phoenix is not looking for crew members. There is no need to PM Luca for openings or Applications.

Places of Operation


The History of the ISC Phoenix is split into 'Seasons' for ease of reading.

OOC Notes


If you're looking for a laugh, and wish to contribute some tropes from the TVtropes website, do so on this nifty little page.

On Creating a Codename

The 'Codenames' on the ISC Phoenix are based off Animal Names. Use this list for some ideas to get you started.

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