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Whispering Trees “Panther”

“Panther” is a Player Character played by Scot and is currently involved in the ISC Phoenix - Volume 2 plot.

Species: Kohanians
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Family: Father and Mother
Brother - Leaf in the Wind
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5' 5”
Weight: 135lbs.
Occupation Assassin
Current Placement ISC Phoenix - Volume 2

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 5” Mass: 135lbs.

Build and Skin Color: Panther has an athletic build with lean muscle and a black pelt.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Like that of a panther's, short snout, sharp catlike fangs, small triangular shaped ears, yellow eyes with a single black pupil.

Hair Color and Style: Panther believes head hair as unnecessary due to looking very different to humans anyway.

Distinguishing Features: Other than being a Panther like creature, he has a bullet wound in his left leg and two in his chest that never quite healed, a testament to his dangerous profession.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Panther is typically calm and observant about what is going on around himself. He can sometimes be snarky, and make some light humor that is funny to himself by may be insulting to others. The Kohanian is overall confident in his abilities, so much so he may attempt to find a clever way to solve a problem then go the sure fire way. Nepleslian technology intrigues his curiosity, and has become more of a hobby compared to say herb collecting that is necessary for his profession.

Likes: challenge, round objects, compared to large cats, being respected, milk, his hobbies (herb collecting, tinkering with Nepleslian technology) Dislikes: compared to house cats, human meat, fire Goals: -To continue to seek out challenges befitting his skills. -To return home 20 years after he left to tell stories of his adventures.



After 7 years since birth, Whispering Trees transferred into the Sha'Nai as a challenge to his older brother, Leaf in the Wind. Unlike Leaf in the Wind, Whispering Trees was not very apt in advanced technology and rather preferred physical challenge and sneaking up on his brothers. Leaf in the Wind was caught in the moment of being angry at the stealthy Whispering Trees and issued a challenge stating that Whispering Trees would not live to see adult hood as a Kupua. Whispering Trees was not one to refuse a challenge that would set him into the unknown, had accepted the challenge and lived to the age of 18, before he left off world.

When Panther did leave off world, it was on the basis of a challenge by his Weasel like friend, Talking Breeze. Both were gazing at the Orbital Elevator when Talking Breeze stated it would be impossible to get off world without joining the hairless monkey's warrior clan, Whispering Trees in return stated that he could probably do it, and would return in 20 years with stories to tell.

Whispering Trees managed to sneak on the elevator via the old hiding in a box, and then shipped to a Nepleslian world. For some time he was stranded there, living alongside his fellow alley cats in dumpsters and boxes. A Yamataian couple who owned their own furniture store found the Kohanian deprived of food, and took it upon themselves to let the strange Panther-Man into their home. After nursing him back to health, they decided to let him stay if he could do some manual labor at the back area of their store. It was not a bad deal, considering he began to pick up on the local Nepleslian language. As he worked during the day, he also soon resumed his training during the night, challenging himself to learn everything he could about certain people without being noticed. To him it was a harmless game, even an exercise, however this also began spreading a rumor of a catlike creature about town, and some even began blaming things on it for crimes it never had committed. The rumors began to spread thick around the every day business of the furniture store, which led them to contemplate if they should ask the Panther creature to leave. In need to save their reputation, they suggested to their free labor to move to a backwater world that would be out of the way of danger and could explore at the Kohanian's leisure.

Whispering Trees agreed, believing that some greater challenge could come from it. Some Reds however snuffed Whispering Trees's trail to the furniture store, and wanted to be the heroes and destroy the Panther creature that was terrorizing the town. They bombed the place despite their only clues being cat food for their cat Pickles, along with the cat and people inside. Panther learned of this by a news report at the space dock, and after a ritualistic prayer that took place in a local restroom for the passing of their spirits, he ditched the plan of taking a flight to a backwater world for the greater challenge of sneaking onto a ship heading to Nepleslian Prime with as little as he could take him.

Upon arrival, his only safe haven as he found out quickly was the impoverished areas, as the more populated areas tend to fear a walking Cougar-like-creature. The Kohanian began dressing in 3 layers of clothing whenever he left his home base to disguise himself, sometimes changing the outer layer when he began selling out his services. While none of his clients knew his true identity, the first one gave him the fitting name “Panther,” which Whispering Trees took as his human name for now. With Panther as his new name, he lived like this for over a year while living on the edge of existence as a low level assassin. When it became his 4th year away from his planetary home, he had decided to challenge himself to a much harder hit…


Panther attempted to kill Luca, captain of the ISC Phoenix. He failed in his attempt and instead aided in fighting a second group of assassins. The assassin was later hired by the very man he was trying to kill, and was thankful to now have a steady home to stay on. After setting up home however, he had very little interaction with the crew and did very little to help on missions before leaving the ship to pursue other interests.

Whispering Trees “Panther”


Fighting (Hand-to-Hand, Firearms)

Panther originally was trained in hand to hand combat while he resided with the Sha'Nai Organization, and over time has complemented that by learning off of others and his own training. He is most proficient when using knife weapons with a custom grip, but can use a variety of weaponry effectively. Upon arrival of Nepleslian Prime, Panther had to be taught how to use fire arms without losing his feet and has become quite skilled in using sidearms. Panther is currently purchased a sniper rifle and is learning how to use it.


In order for one of the Sha'Nai to operate, one must learn how the mind of another thinks and acts. Learning pattern of behavior is necessary to infiltrate to fulfill a mission, and is something that is taught to Panther. Panther has otherwise self taught himself how Nepleslians work and think though observation. He is still learning the Nepleslian language so he can also read on the subject to improve his success rate.


Training in the Sha'Nai had yielded a little bit of experience in sleight of hand techniques though not yet mastered. He did however have to learn to pick locks during 3 years working as an assassin, and has over time learned some get-arounds of electronic locks.

Survival (Camouflage)

Hiding and moving unseen was just a couple of requirements of one of the Sha'Nai to operate as an assassin or a spy. Panther is an expert of stealth in natural terrain, and a master of disguise only on Kohana. He has been training on his own when it comes to urban towns and cities practicing with the mantra of “not seen unless he wants to be seen.”


His training with the Sha'Nai has given him knowledge of medical herbs and poisonous plants. While plants off world may be different, he can still identify with good accuracy for what a plant is good for. He also knows basic first aid, and can use a Nepleslian First Aid pack if needed too.


Panther paints on his spare time, though in some cases he can also paint what he has seen with sometimes a dramatic flair. Sometimes this is handy if he has trouble explaining what he has saw, though the dramatic flair can sometimes complicate the explanation.


Something left over from his Nagual heritage, he is curious about Nepleslian weaponry, and can sometimes be seen deconstructing weapons and putting back together, though with an aid of a manual and sometimes supervision could be necessary.


Current Outfit

1 grey freespacer hoody with logo and extra sleeve 1 pair of blue pants 1 pair of shoes his size

- Panther has some stolen clothing stashed away


- 2 large knives - 8 Switchblade knives for throwing - 1 Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol - 1 Zen Armaments Precision Sniper Rifle - 6 NAM Smoke Grenades - 4 HE Grenades

Personal Items/Things

-Curved Dagger for decoration


Panther is currently a mercenary assassin and receives money whenever he can. (Note: 1KS = 2DA)

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2500 DA Starting Funds
1746 DA 864 10 knives, Gun, ammo
692 DA 1054 6 gas bombs, 4 HE grenades, 2 hook and ropes, Various lockpicks, delivery charge
40,692 DA 20,000KS Battle on Freespacer space station
38,742 DA 1,950 Bobson Firelab Burner, 2 cells for burner, and communicator
17,000 DA 21,742 Sniper rifle, ammo, replaced daggers, living expenses
Character Data
Character NameWhispering Trees “Panther”
Character OwnerScot
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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