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Species: Custodian War Android
Gender: None, Appearance is Male
Age: 2 years
Zodiac Sign: ???
Height: 8'0β€œ
Weight: 500 lbs+
Organization NovaCorp
Rank None
Occupation Multipurpose Machine
Current Placement Multipurpose Machine, NSS Alliance

Valo is a modified NovaCorp Custodian War Android.

General Information

Species: Custodian War Android Gender: N/A Age: N/A Family (or Creators): Created and Modified for durability testing in an undisclosed section of the NovaCorp Weapons Research Department. Employer: None Occupation: Retired War Machine Rank: N/A

Physical Characteristics

Height: 8’ 0” Mass: Currently uncalculated. 500+lbs, Build and Skin Color: a Custodian appears to look like a living statue, closest in form to the Ancient Greek statues of Gods and Goddesses (Custodians have an exact 1-1 gender ration, a statement from Ephesus). As such they are all conventionally beautiful and/or handsome with large and well defined musculatures and covered with realistic synth-flesh over their entire. Valo's personal skin tone would match the qualities of a pale caucasian.

Eye Color: Red. Hair color and Style: Jet Black hair extending to the center of it's back. Distinguishing Features: (Height) Valo stands two feet taller than the standard Custodian models. (Eye Shade) Standard custodian eye colors consist of a stunning shade of green, blue, silver or gold. Valo however was modified with a red eye shade. What purpose this could possibly serve is currently known only to it's creators.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Valo's personality is not what one would consider β€œdeveloped” Years of being used to test weapons and eventually being put on the field of battle did little to inspire a growth in personality. The time spent on the USS Alliance on the other hand gave Valo an interesting view into the lives of soldiers when they weren't fighting. Despite this Valo did what it could to suppress too much growth in personality, as it always remembered the words it's creators drilled into it's thoughts. β€œThinking as a man leads only to the death of oneself and the death of others around you.”


Valo was created on an assembly line with any other Custodian. However a random lottery done in the weapons research branch of NovaCorp landed this particular custodian back on the drawing board, so to speak. Valo was torn apart, examined and put back together for the purpose of creating the next generation of Custodian models. Extensive work was done on the frame and weapon systems. A larger core was thought required, thus the entire unit had to be resized. Weeks of work went by until the work was stopped. A new series of android had been created and thus the custodian's were no longer needed for wide use and all work to create the next generation was halted. The units selected after Valo were mostly scrapped for 1st generation model use. Valo while still incomplete was returned to functioning status and sent out to be used for war with the rest.

With its increased defensive capabilities and durability the unit managed to survive battle after battle, mostly intact. The battlefield was Valo's home and only retreat into the waking world between kept in storage, and it was on the battlefield Valo was finally decommissioned. In its final visit to battle. Valo was blown in half. However as with any other machine, as long as Valo was still functioning, it would continue to fight. After the battle, it was a search team sent out by the USS Alliance that found Valo. It was at that point that Valo's existence was changed. Valo was expecting to be scrapped or repaired and put in storage again, but that would not be the android's fate. The engineers on the Alliance were ordered to remove the damaged combat systems and replace them with something that would benefit the crew. Thus Valo came to be a medical personal on board the Alliance.

Even though Valo's new priority programming was to keep the crew healthy, It still saw its fair share of fighting. It was as Valo was finally discovering what it was to be aware of itself, that fate took another turn. Something terrible happened. Valo's memory has no information as to when or how, but Valo ended up in space with a large hole in its torso. Without anyone to maintain it and being severely damaged, Valo did the only thing it could. Set up an S.O.S and shut down.

Two years passed and Valo was finally rediscovered in a debris cloud by the crew of the ISC Phoenix.

Character Data
Character NameValo
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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