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ISC Big Bird

The ISC1)Big Bird is a Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft Craft owned by Luca Pavone and used to transport the ISC Phoenix crew. It is yet to be modified, save for a paint job and cursory maintenance.


The ISC Big Bird was originally a Reds spacecraft, known only by its serial number, BZ5019, and was left behind with the passwords by Danny Hanley Lewis as a gift for sparing his life. It was then stolen in the aftermath of the ISC Phoenix Missions 5 - Anger Management and 5.5 - Stormin' the Castle. After the debrief of the mission, it is now considered part of Luca's legal possessions. Deeds and all.

Visual Description


It has been painted whiteish-orange, with a fiery red trim along the sides and on the 'spikes'.


Not unlike the description in the normal page.


Same as a stock model, except the tankette is missing.

Cargo Contents

Note: The Cargo bay is 15.5 metres long by 8.5 metres wide.

Vehicle Bay Contents

Note: The Vehicle Bay has room for 3 Vehicles.

Contents in Shuttle Bays

Note: The Shuttle Bay has room for Four shuttles.

OOC To-Do List

  • Create comprehensive contents and weapons listings.
Interstellar Space Cruiser

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