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ISC Phoenix - Season 1: The Privateer Begins

Roping Together

The plan for the ISC Phoenix was hatched by Luca Pavone, when he ran into Hitori Sasorix and Jimothi Trakk on a shuttle which was heading to Ralt. The trip to Ralt only had some minor events happening on the way. Shortly after the flight, the Phoenix crew managed to sneak into Luca's house at two in the morning. They're currently discussing sleep plans.

Now, they've had a good nights sleep. Luca has just woken up to find that his old friend John has met him again and that he plans to tag along with Luca on his 'harebrained schemes'. The crew plus John have now come into contact with 'Anonymous', a shady employer who has offered Luca a job, a delivery to Kohana Cloud via Tami System. The crew now needs to get their things together for the trip on John's old Deix.

The Phenomenon

A funny thing happened in the Gun shop when Luca was preparing things for Jimothi. They ran into ex-mercenary Michio Kano. Michio overheard Luca in the shop, and has decided to tag along with the Phoenix crew to relive the old days.

They went on their way to Kyoto, to get Jimothi some medical supplies, and over a quick talk and the shagging of a waitress, the group was off to Tami. However, once they got there, the shuttle used exploded in a violent fit due to modification, and how long it had been flying. A local fireman captain gave them directions through the forest to a contact which might just happen to have a spare shuttle lying around… And they got the delivery done early, albeit 5 disarmed guards and a bit of strife.

Goin' Home? & Goin' Faust

With their new shuttle and a new passenger, Pete the duck-billed creature in tow, they headed back to Ralt. Upon arriving, Luca was grilled by his parents in front of the entire crew. There, they had breakfast, picked up Luca's motorcycle and another new member: Cranebeinn Themisto, a mad chef with an unhealthy obsession for Cornmeal. They made a flight to Nepleslia, to the old Headquarters of the now-disbaneded HUNTER unit.

Shortly after touching down, they have been given a new task: To bring in a fake doctor who has been murdering people. They were able to complete this task successfully, and bring him to justice. Then came their next adventure: Getting the Base done up. Fortunately, Luca's father has enlisted the help of a woman named Nina, an old war buddy of his. She and her army of scantly clad maid builders are currently helping to get everything together.

The Tools of the Trade & The Wrong Side of the Deathbed

Shortly after some swift renovations, the Phoenix's services were required again. This time, defend a small no-horse town on Delsauria from Raiders. It started off easily enough with fending off raiders at sundown (like in a western!), but turned to something a bit more sinister once said raiders stood up again and assaulted Luca and the crew. Now they've been asked by some shady scientists who fled from their company for a dish best served cold: Revenge!

Phoenixes, Caduceus and Zombies

Their raid on the mysterious pharmaceutical company Halogli was off to a flying start, but Luca was separated from the rest of the group! The remaining crew managed to pinch information from wandering through the offices. Luca, on the other hand was busy dealing with a mysterious woman who was also captured, a Gatling Rifle wielding crazy and a whole lot of scientists, and eventually keeping samples of the Z-virus and its cure, and destroying the virus. They now face the mysterious CEO of the company. An androgynous figure named Simmons - but he, or she, or it, has an ace up its sleeve - and it nearly ate the good captain alive.

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