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Hitori Sasorix

General Information

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Father: Nikolei Sasorix

Mother: Nana Sasorix

Younger Brother: Valen Sasorix

Employer: Independent

Occupation: Intelligence Gatherer

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7“

Weight: 132 lbs

Bra Size: C

Build and Skin color: She has an average build with pale skin.

Facial Features and Eye color: She has a thin face and violet eyes.

Hair color and Style: She has long, straight black hair with red highlights.

Distinguishing Features: She has no distinguising features.


Quiet, reclusive, and very secretive. Some people consider her to have a shady personality.

Likes: Throwing knives

Dislikes: Computers

Goals: No one really knows…


She is the elder child of a Geshrin freighter pilot. As a child, she lived aboard the freighter and traveled to many planets and stations. She would excitedly leave the freighter to make new friends and acquaintances. She learned all that she could about the places that her family traveled to.

Current Assignment

Hitori is currently serving aboard the ISC Pheonix. She is one of the acting Intelligence Gatherer aboard the vessel. She is Luca's “shadow”.


Physical: Running has always been a fun hobby for her. Jogging laps throughout the entire freighter as she grew up was good exercise for her.

Knowledge (Intelligence): She can easily filter out false intelligence and possibly even plant false information if she wanted to.

Rogue: By going to many planets and stations, she has obtained an enormous network of contacts to recieve information from. This aids in rapid obtainment of important intel.

Fighting: She has picked up a few techniques for hand-to-hand, knives of many kinds, and sidearms. She prefers to use knives, however.

Leadership: She knows just how to persuade contacts to divulge information. She knows of several ways to “motivate” them.

Communications: She constantly listens in to radio conversations. Who knows what vital intel could be recovered from simply listening to two marines in the washroom???? .

Entertainment: Sometimes, trickery through acting is necessary to obtain certain information. Thus, she has become a fairly talented actress.


2 Tight cloth blouse, navy blue.

2 Tight kakis (comfortable pants), navy blue.

5 pairs of thongs, black.

2 serrated daggers

2 pairs of leather boots, black.

1 ankle-length cloak, black.

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