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Deix T3 Personal Shuttle

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The Deix shows that it was of pre-Ephesus design – unlike almost all other NovaCorp ships it is not streamlined but blocky and hard looking. It is a simple ship, using reliable but unsophisticated systems. The ship has the sleeping capacity to hold two, although two more could sleep on the floor.

History and Background

Near the beginning of NovaCorp it was thought that the greatest niche was in shuttles for civilians with a price that the start-up businessman could afford.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel:

  • NovaCorp, Civilians

Type: Personal Civilian Shuttle Class: Shuttle Nomenclature: No-T3-1a Designer: NovaCorp research and development teams Manufacturer: NovaCorp. Price: 2000 KS

Crew: 1 Maximum Capacity: The ship could hold twelve people; in rather cramped capacity, it can support four. Appearance: Detailed description of what the vessel looks like.

Length: 15m Width: 5m Height: 2.5m Decks: 1

Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): 0.09 c. Speed (FTL): 450c Speed (Aerial): Mach 3. Speed (Water): Not designed for it, could do it but has remained untested.

Range (Distance): One months of travel. Range (Support): One month. Lifespan: Five years before serious overhall. Refit Cycle: It’s made to not require refits.

Inside the Deix

Cockpit: At the front of the ship lies the cockpit, where the pilot and the optional copilot. The Cockpit is dominated by a large screen taking up the forward wall and bellow this a console covered with buttons in a fairly easy to understand fashion. The steering is largely done by the navigation computer, but for more subtle maneuvers there is both a joystick like device and a steering wheel – depending on the pilots preference. The two chairs are fairly comfortable, adjustable and capable of spinning around and around.

Quarters: The quarters are more accurately the living space, sleeping space combined – the room directly behind the cockpit and consists of two bed/couches lining across the walls. Above these beds are storage cupboards, with deadlocks in case of emergency, The area under the beds is also a storage space. Behind the beds to the stern of the vehicle are two small rooms and a very short passage way to the airlock. The walls are blue; there is no window.

Toilet: The starboard room is the toilet which is a cramped space that consists of a toilet and a hand basin built in to the wall. The door has a lock with an occupied sign.

Storage Compartment: The second room which is equal in size in the storage compartment which consists of a number of shelves and drawers which can be filled with whatever the crew feel likes.

Ship Systems

Hull: This ship's armor is composed of foamed thorium-titanium to create a strong heat resistant surface. DR 4.

Airlock System: The airlock lies at the back of the ship and consists of a simple compartment between two airtight doors with an extendable tube (with a section zone around the opening) on the outside.

Environmental Systems: The environmental systems are rather simple, basically just taking the air out of circulation, recycling it a little and feeding more in from the stored air supply.

Food and Dispenser: This is a recess in the wall which dispenses food and water. The food is a form of tasty and highly nutritious soup, and the water is near ice cold water. They’re serve in to stored bowls and cups – placing them back in the recess has them taken away into a sliding panel and cleaned.

Sensor and Computer Systems: The sensors and computer systems on the Deix are extremely simple, consisting of basically a navigation computer and radar.

Energy Shield: This relatively simple shield is designed to defend the ship against interstellar dust and also defend against the possible pirates and enemy fire. That being said it is only capable of absorbing 10 gigawatts per square meter. DR 3.

Faster-than-light propulsion: The ship propels itself beyond the speed of light through the use of a primitive (and yet highly reliable) Combined Distortion Drive, using continuum distortions in combination with asymmetric peristaltic fields.

Computer System: The computer system of the Deix is a very simple beast, not even utilizing quantum computing, and is very definitely sub-AI. However it is very reliable, and more than capable of doing the simple calculations needed to navigate the ship from A to B.

Radar: Works simply upon sending out radio signals and relying upon their bouncing off an object to tell the ship where it is. The range is limited to the speed of light.

Subspace radar: Pretty much the same thing, but in subspace. The range is one light year.


Radio: Limited to light speed. Laser: Good for covert signalling. Limited to light speed.


None. There are three hardpoints to which weapons could be attached if wished.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on November 2, 2006: Approval Thread

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